Chaz shakes Mugabes hand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rudolph_Hucker, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. I thought Charles was supposed to be a Para.........

    He could have sidestepped that handshake and given him a big right hand right on his chin and then given him the mother of all 'Poo-taches'
  2. What i would have given for that to be Prine Phillip!!!

    He would have told the evil little twat where to stick his handshake and made some disparaging remark about africans! :D

    You cant teach that!
  3. I suppose he can't really avoid it without being seen as overtly political. Besides like any other funeral you probably end up having to be civil to people you would normaly cross the road to avoid because of what he/she said about A at B's wedding or whatever.
    Good opportunity to get close enough to say "I've got your number you sneaky git, we've a few jerrymandering problems of our own at the moment but we WILL get round to you. By the way, don't steal the communion wafers just because your country is starving."
  4. Difficult not to really.

    Headlines about Pope rather than 'Charles tells Robbie Mugabe to shove it up his hoop ..... etc'
  5. MDN.

    Too right, Charles should have head butted the twit and walked on.( Sorry ment an "a" not an "i").

    Shame Mrs bob was free to spend half this weeks (Zimbo) national income on Iti bags and dresses, sold to her by a refugee from Zimbo living in Italy as they escaped the Oppressing Mr , Im a big twat Bob.
  6. For those of you who have celebrated holy comunion you will be familiar with sharing the peace before kicking off with the body and blood. This is why Chuck is shaking this dick-tator's hand. Would have been funny if he had one of those comedy buzzers that emit a small electric shock though.
  7. Can any one explain why the Holy Catholic Church thought it suitable to invite Mugabe in the first place, bearing in mind his track record vis. human rights?
  8. PTP, you of all people should know that Politicians, and Church leaders for that matter, will do what-ever they want, when they want :wink:
  9. It would be interesting to see how Mugabe and his entourage travelled, lived, shopped, etc. I expect he hijacked an Air Zim 737 as usual, and the total cost of the expedition probably amounts to a significant percentage of the country's current annual GDP.

    Wonder if the Grauniad's going to do a feature....
  10. For that matter, how did Bob get into the Vatican without breaking the EU embargo on him entering or passing through EU territory (which presumably includes airspace)? And now that he's there, how does he get back to Zimbabwe without the same being a problem?

    Actually, this is quite a cunning plan...imprison Bob in the Vatican for the rest of his natural and let the Zimbos get the country back on its feet...
  11. I second that motion.
  12. I don't think the catholic church is in any position to criticise others in that respect.
  13. I know what you mean PTP, I asked the same on the Multinational thread on Zimbabwe.

  14. Find out how much the Zim govt pay the Vatican as a retainer.