Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Highly amusing (well, for me at this time and state anyway) video of a chav being arrested.

    Amusing bit at teh end too.

    you tube
  2. Funny as feck, all chav mongs should be run over.
  3. Coppers must p iss themselves laughing at tw ats like this, surely takes the boredom out of the job I would imagine.

  4. Naaaa, too difficult to house train.
  5. That bloke is quality, is he available for weddings and functions. Would love to send him on my behalf :D
  6. Enjoyed that well funny
  7. LOL!

    Own up -- which village is missing its idiot? :D
  8. Classic!

    On a related note.. I think that given the number of reverse happy slapping videos coming to light, (such as the chav floored by one punch) I think that they could be compiled and put on the telly ala 'You've been Framed'.
    People can get £200 for each clip shown each week :)
  9. And we could vote on the best (or worst) chav floored. Then set up a happy slap on the chav... with a 9mm to the face.

  10. "PLEEZ GIZZ LEH ME GAAAW!" "SHENDEG FUGGOALROL!" "TRIPLE EYES AH PAID FOR THEM!" "GIVE ME MAH TRAINESH NOW!" I thought I had a hard time understanding normal British slang. This sh*t sounds like some sort of mongoloid pig Latin. I loved the ending, though. Two thumbs up, Chocolate Frog. 8)
  11. Okay I let him of his leesh but we dont want him back he cant speak english lol 8O
  12. Bloody hilarious, I laughed so much some of my precious dribbled out.

    Seriously though, I think all right thinking people should have one of these things........................Chained to a ringbolt in their cellars. :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink:
  13. Welcome back, MDN! :twisted:
  15. MMMM ball gag chained to the celler. This is sounding better and better by the post!