Chavvvving versus cavvvving!

Having at times read various comments on the illustrious RTR and how we're supposed to be 'Chav Cav' I should just like to point out something. While looking for something to do with WW1 I came across this advert from the time for an outfitters looking for a start in life......... strange how things change and the Cav can now obviously boast how they were the original Chav Cav wearing Chav gaberdine tartan!!!!! :x :?

Of course - at the time the Tank Corps was advertising aswell......

elovabloke said:
Arthur3bums said:
I do like that last paragraph :silent: :)
Indeed. Another lesson lost by us and still, as far as I'm aware, used by the master race.

Has a certain 'Volcanicity' about it. ;)

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