Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. do you have a "chav" or "chavette" in your tp , sqn or unit??? why at elmpt do they insist on racing around in mg rovers , wearing baseball caps , whiter than white trainers , cr@p music , what is the army coming too . any input on this subject please???
  2. funny enough, there is a small fraternity who think that mg rovers and shitty burbury hats are the bees knees, however these people are complete tossers
  3. MG Rovers, specifically the MG ZR. You can see the bloke from the rover dealership by the bistro looking out of the window for people walking with bags to the accommodation ready to mug them and flog them, what is after all a 200 series rover with a paint job and 8 extra valves (rover were good enough to leave out the burr walnut dashboard as well).

    Burberry caps are optional for the years free insurance.

  4. the worst colour has got to be electric blue! its ghastly, why????
  5. Its good to see a geek with a sense of humour, where has the fun gone in the brit army over the last few years??
  6. yeah get some you chav fu ckers!! nice one
  7. didn't realise elmpt had a chav helpline
  8. Its on ext 2700, 247!!
  9. Why is it the MT is the local chav repository.

    Fmt... CHECK


    Burberry Cap...CHECK

    Half of the Bde fleet has glowy blue lights underneath and on the bonnet!
  10. Disco, i can honestly say i found that funny, unlike the popular belief that chavness is the next best thing to godliness?
  11. Woooooooooooooooaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Im quite fond of my nice white trainers, does that make me a chav? I don't wear Burberry caps, or trackies mit Rockports and I don't drive shit cars. Nor do I drink cheap cider. Please let me know.

    Old enough to know better, and slightly worried.
  12. If these people want to wear whiter than white trainers issue them the old road slappers the army used to have so they can blanco them.
    At least you will hear them coming down the road and be able to avoid the boring little rover drivers.
  13. what's all this crap 'CHAV' anyway. A chav is and always has been either a baby, as in 'she's had a little chavvy' or ti ts as in 'nice chavs' If a chav is now one of these muppets who wears their jeans by their ar se with one of them burberry hats on with the peak bent around his big nose then, yeah we got a sh it load of them in our place. They get right on my chavies