Mod edit, very naughty but highly arousing link removed.

If you are curious it contained footage of some middle aged to elderly plump men spudding in the shower.

I've bookmarked it for my own enjoyment if anyone wants a link
Why does the linky on "click here" come up as

Don't tell me... it goes to the tune "you spin me right round", and a little counter pops up and the only way to get rid of it is to close WE.
You are cnut.

Mods should consider deleting this old, old, old (so old it's not funny) clip.
mysteron said:
So you clicked then Choccy-Frog?

Thanks - saved me embarrassing myself!!
Negative, like I said I hovered the pointer over the link and knew to where this was going....
Thanks you arsehole
1. Take two 12 guage cartridges and empty out the original contents.
2. Refill the two 12 guage cartridges with Nitromors.
3. Strip this Tw@t naked and tie him face down to a pallet.
4. Whip the Tw@ts Arrse until it is red raw and bleeding.
5. With two Nitromor cartridges LOAD.
6. Target "Arrse" at 25 metres.
7. Watch...and shoot.

Nothing personal you understand.

And then smash his computer to bits with a Hammer.
Agree completely with all (most) of the above about the infantile little dickless tw&t who posted this virus (or whatever it is) ... but can a MOD please delete this thread immediately so that no one else gets fcuked?
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