Chavs - will they survive evolution?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSpecialOne, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Fake as hell but funny.

    In reply to the thread title. At the rate they're currently reproducing, like rats, they'll take over the UK in about 2 decades and outlive us all.

    At least rats are cute (ish) and this one can even cook[​IMG]

    and i'm not talking about food from Iceland either.
  2. Chavs and Evolution? Can't see it.Once a chav,always a......
  3. Most of them already have mate. It's too late, we're all doomed to wear dirty tracksuits, baseball caps, and Elizabeth Duke jewellery.
  4. Cheers for that! If that's what my kids have to look forward to I think I'll take the Magda Goebbels route.
  5. Reminded me of an incident in NI about '76 or '77 young subbie on patrol in Portadown noticed a small fire at the back of a shop. "Woolworths??" if my memory isn't too fuddled, anyway he took one almighty swing with his SLR to try and break the window.

    Now, plate glass is very flexible and the rebound of the window knocked him half way across the road, where he ended up on his arrse. Of course we didn't laugh did we. No we fcukin howled.
  6. We're not going to run out of idiots anytime soon;

    Retard 1
    Retard 2
    Retard 3

    As in the film Idiocracy

    and this science fiction story
  7. Chavs are the next stage in human evolution - they're breeding, they live off others to conserve energy and breed more, they store fat so will survive famines.

    I've seen the future. It's called Wayne and it's nicked my video.
  8. The human race is evolving at a faster rate than ever.
  9. it's here,
  10. I'll bite.... in what way are humans evolving today?
  11. Due to the size of the human race and the rate of reproduction genetic variation is ocurring faster than ever. For example Chinese people now how far different metabolic pathways to us, and are for the most part lactose intolerant. I.e. bring them over here and give them our diet and they wouldn't cope. Read it in The Week a few months back, shall have a look for a linky later.
  12. Not quite. It's a genetic predisposition to a shortage of lactase, which is the enzyme that breaks down lactose. True, if you get too much lactose building up you tend to be more likely to suffer lactose intolerance, but it's not an automatic connection. The Jade Dream can't get enough of Philadelphia and the weans take milk by the glassful. Chinese folk also just seem to love ice cream.

    But I'd agree to an extent that since each act of reproduction involves genetic mixing, there's change occurring. Whether that means enough of a change over time to constitute 'evolution' is another question.

    And since this is the NAAFI, we should gas the bastards before they can breed. You wouldn't wait for mosquitoes to die of old age, would you?

  14. The paper the blog is based on is a really neat bit of work... In it they reporting on recent-evolution as in things that happened since the Late Pleistocene. This is recent as in the last 40 000 y before present. Not as in over the last few hundred years....

    I work on evolutionary biology, and there is a fair bun-fight going on as to whether humans are still evolving (as in today). For my part, I think it has slowed to a crawl, simply because we are able to control so many aspects of our biology (reproduction) and possible sources of mortality. However, exposing ourselves to novel sources of selection (pollution, diet, mobile phones, big-brother) might be pushing humans down novel evolutionary avenues but it is unlikely to be anything like those selection pressures induced by glaciations/sabre-tooth tigers/domestication of farm animals/the spread of humans into new continents. However, the new genetic tools (like those used in the paper described above) keep surprising us, and who knows? Maybe there is positive selection for track-suits, crap gold jewellery and god-awful tv?