Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blonde_guy, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Today I witnessed a sad sight on the roads.

    My heart was filled with dread at the traffic lights as a group of young chavs pulled up in.....wait for it......a convetible ford escort with silver glitter as the body paint, pumping out some distorted rap sh!t, with an engine that my lawn mower could give a run for its money. Now I found myself reflecting....the whole scummy chav culture, why do the bastards love to live it?

    Also the whole chav fashion....why?

    Do you suddenly wake up one day and decide..."I will wear the scummiest clothing i can find in primark, and top it off with a Nike baseball cap"....the stupid cnuts must know everyone hates them, but why continue to dress up as they do? It's certainly the last thing I would want to look like!!!!

    Why must they shout nonsensical abuse (wotchalookingatyafookingcunt!) at people they don't know? Why do they insist on speaking with some mock Jamaican patois that makes them sound like a bad extra from an Ali-G film?

    I despair of the state of the UK!
  2. My local gym is full of the gobby little shites, they just mince about the weights room giving it the big man and generally getting in the fcuking way. Funniest bit is that these tubes don't even bother getting changed into any form of PT gear, just tip up in your trackie bottoms and your burberry cap and 'pump sum iron innit bruv!'

    In fact, just had a butchers at the definition of 'culture' in a dictionary and came up with this:
    "Such a growth or colony, as of bacteria"

    Bacteria sounds about right! They should all be burnt at the fcuking stake. :twisted:
  3. every generation produces counter culture groups, Teddy boys, Mods/Rockers, skinheads/punk, new Romantics, wait a bit something else will take its place and moan about that.

    mind you many of the ex Mods /Rockers fighting in brighton beache will 50 to 60 now, etc having a big moan about youths of today ,they were one of them too lol
  4. And they all have mingin' scorpion tats as well.
  5. Who wouldn't want to be a chav if you got the chance to wear classy stuff like this (And I have seen people wearing them - I nearly shat myself laughing the first time!)

  6. Sadly Chavs are nothing new to me
    Im from Chatham which is the offical home of the CHAV scum.
    For years they have been breeding down town keeping all those horrid nasty jewllery stores in buisness.
    I as the anti Chav made it my misson to Hurt disable annoy as many as pos.
    Now Her Majesty keeps me traveling the world so i cant continue my good work.
  7. Chavs and chavettes, bless their little white nike socks, were created simply to cause amusement amongst none chavs and to keep market stalls booming with fake 'designer' goods, not to mentions Elisabeth Duke and scrap car merchants. :lol:

    See here, hope the link works, apologies if not.
  8. In my student days i worked in Argos and these things were really popular, along with oversized soverein rings and hooped creole earings, scumbags! oh and whats with the tracksuit tucked into the socks!!!!! :x
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  10. That's a fair point. It's a youth culture that you have to be part of to understand.

    Obviously this is as far as my tolerance goes, as I would quite like to sign my rifle out of stores with a CWS, cam up against the back garden hedge and take out the c_unts who insist on getting blocked in the park out the back of my house and run around screaming/shouting/shagging/whateverelsechavsliketodo at sillyo'clock every weekend.

  11. The odd thing about chav culture is that it isn't rebelling against anything. They aren't being feared like punks and they aren't violent like the mods and the rockers, nor do they don't follow any real musical genre, except perhaps gangsta rap, whatever that may be.

    So, rather than being feared or loathed by the rest of the populace like previous youth cultures (something teenages quite like) chavs are just ridiculed, and more importantly, ridiculed as much by their peers as by their parents.

    So yes, the question is....why be a chav?

  12. Is it just me or does that dude sound like Fred Dibnah. :eek:
  13. thats awesome