Chavs terrorise church


Vandals force worshippers from church
By Nigel Bunyan
(Filed: 05/05/2005)

A vicar is being forced to hold services at his home because parishioners feel so intimidated by youths they are reluctant to go to church.

The Rev Robin Usher, 53, claims that teenagers have caused havoc in and around St James's parish church at Milnrow, near Rochdale.

They have thrown stones through stained glass windows, pelted the building with eggs and terrorised a Mothers' Union meeting.

Youths have been caught drinking in the graveyard or have barged into church during the vicar's sermon.

The situation has become so bad that Mr Usher, a married father-of-two, is conducting today's Ascension Day service from his vicarage.

He may carry this on until police bring back the dedicated community officers who used to patrol the area.

"I do feel sad, but I also feel that we have no alternative,'' Mr Usher said yesterday.

"We have a lot of elderly ladies and they feel intimidated when we are meeting at the church at night and youths are rushing in and out.

"One day recently I had to phone the police five times. There were young people taking drugs in the church grounds and several incidents with groups of youths causing trouble and hanging around.

"A couple arrived to pay their respects at a grave and were too intimidated to get out of the car. The police came some time later but we are quite low down on their priorities.

"Sometimes they do come fairly quickly but it can be up to 24 hours after the call.

"Things have escalated since police set up a dispersal zone to move the youngsters away from the town centre.

"The problem is that they are dispersing to the churchyard and the school next door. Last week someone pulled the grille off the east window and I tried for days to get a number of companies to fix it without success.

"Then someone threw a stone through a stained glass window that depicts Christ's birth, death and resurrection. They don't seem to have any respect."

Last summer the church teamed up with the school to hire a security guard. But Mr Usher said: "I can't see a long-term solution. I think the only answer would be a return to having a group of dedicated community police officers.''

Mr Usher, who has been the vicar of Milnrow for seven years, said he would "persevere" with Sunday services for the time being.

"Coming to church should be a calming experience, not something which worries and scares people - this completely ruins the atmosphere.

"I won't shut up shop on Sundays because it would be too disruptive for worshippers. But I will hold some weekday services at home.''

He said there were particular problems on Thursdays. "Youths always seem to congregate on those evenings. They throw stones and eggs at the church windows and even barge in while the service is in progress."

There have been occasions when he has conducted a service in one wing of the church while youths ran up and down the other.

"I try to ignore them and carry on with the service, but it is very stressful for everyone there. I simply have no choice but to have Thursday services at my home instead.

"I could not imagine any church in the Manchester area not having problems. I have never known a church that doesn't suffer from vandalism and youth violence."

The youths have been seen drinking alcopops and cider in the school playground, where parishioners normally park their cars.

The three-acre graveyard has also been used as a tip, with cookers, bedsteads and mattresses being dumped. Some children use the gravestones as goalposts.

The Archdeacon of Rochdale, the Ven Andrew Ballard, said the problem was "quite widespread.''

A Church of England spokesman said: "We are supporting the vicar and parishioners as they find ways to continue worshipping together in the short term, and we're grateful for the help of police and others in working for a solution."
Welcome to Blair's Britain, with its record numbers of police who won't attend incidents... :roll:


Maybe some local TA lads could start attending the church, and with a little bit of savvy be appointed church wardens. Now I may be wrong about this (But I'm pretty sure I'm not), but Church Wardens actually have powers of arrest in such an instance.....I know I know.....but the idea made me smile ;)
WTF are the police doing about this? or are they out there meeting their targets?
I'm not particularly religious but I am prepared to get a feww lads together and go and smite these little sh1ts in the name of God.
My Father is a vicar, and has encountered similar around his church, which is around 800 years old in places. It seems that a certain strata of society have lost any respect for others, whilst still feeling that they are owed a living by me paying my taxes.

Police are useless in dealing with this sort of behaviour, local authorities apathetic, and the good old parishioners end up picking up the tab for the vandalism.

Lets get back to good old fashioned policing, or start giving those of us who try to stop them the full protection of the law.

It would be a different story if it was a mosque, or a temple.....
Put on some tracksuits and petrol bomb the b@stards!

This will greatly intimidate the sh!ts and ensure a timely police presence. The cops will probably blame and arrest some miscreants from another chav type gang!


The wink above absolves me of responsibility if anyone carries out this incredibly clever, oops I mean reckless and criminal, act! :twisted:

Or, if you can't beat them join them! Lay on a minibus or two with free Buckfast that picks up the rapscallions and deposits them elsewhere. One week the destination could be the Chief Constable's house, the next week it could be the MP's house.... :twisted:
Cull the fcukers. No, seriously. It's hardly likely that you'll change the course of history by wasting a Nobel Prize winner, is it?
This is part of my zero-tolerance policy on morons.


Will happily vote for you, especially if it means redressing the balance of law in favour of the victim, not the perp!
Where is that muscular boxing-blue curate beloved of PG Wodehouse when you need him? Probably didn't take up boxing for Health and Safety reasons.

What is required is an elite paramilitary squad of Jesuit or Christian Brother schoolmasters. They would soon teach the local chavery what there hoops are for!

The last chav to take the piss out of me got a full on NI training styley aggressive response ("GET BACK! GET BACK!" AGAINST THE WALL!") complete with war-face, which left him in tears and his surly mates ran away. Next time I saw this character he tried the sucky-up 'alright mate?', which got him "I'M NOT YOUR MATE! GET BACK et cetera". Mind you, now I work for myself and am out of the Army and married to Genghis Khan's baby sister I can afford to take risks like that...

I gave up rugby on Saturday and I fear for my aggression, where will it next spill out? Where was that church again??
It would certainly be an interesting service.

"There will now be a break for the peace, and those of you who wish to discipline some little chav fcukers may step outside to do so"

"peace be with you" :lol:

On a more serious note though, it's shocking how some members of society have no respect for others. Failure of society or parents? or another factor?
In my book, if you behave completely without responsibility you renounce all rights. It strikes me as providential (and extremely convenient) that this activity is taking place in a graveyard................
fas_et_gloria said:
Operator said:
Failure of society or parents? or another factor?
Personally, I blame the teachers.
So what does it need? Giving teachers back the power to create real discipline in classrooms? I think a large problem is graduates getting PGCE qual'd straight out of university, they have no real world experience and then struggle with some of the less academic sides of being a teacher (In my limited experience)

<little off topic there - sorry>
fas_et_gloria said:
Operator said:
Failure of society or parents? or another factor?
Personally, I blame the teachers.
Its not the teachers job to instill discipline in children. They are only employed to educate them.

It is the parents job to instill discipline and respect for others. Blame them and the social workers who disparage the parents when they try to enforce discipline on their children.
fas_et_gloria said:
Operator said:
Failure of society or parents? or another factor?
Personally, I blame the teachers.
It's not the teacher's fault that society has emasculated them. It's the fault of three generations of parents that have not only never worked, but have never even seen the need to work.

Definitely a balaclava situation. Biscuits and I will supply them, just send us your head size and colour preference.
Medium size balaclava, with one large eyehole and a pair of size 9 magnums please! :D
The problem stems in the classroom. It is not the fault of the teachers.

There was an article in a newspaper yesterday about a PE teacher being hauled over the coals in a courtroom for allegedly shouting and swearing at a child. The predominant situation in the classroom seems to be the other way around with the children shouting and swearing at the teachers! So why not introduce a zero tolerance regime for badly behaving children rather than subjecting teachers to an inquisition every time a little sh!t complains?

There is no fear of failure any more. Two decades ago, the penalty for not succeeding at school was future failure in the employment market. Bad behaviour at school would result in a bad reference and no job. Nowadays this does not apply as you can live quite happily on income support, various child benefits (that don't make their way to the child) and the proceeds of low-level crime in a council-funded flat.

There is one thing teachers can do, and should do right now. Go on indefinite strike until the government comes up with a solution to this bad behaviour epidemic that impacts on all aspects of life.
Bang on. These kids learn how to be fcukers (and to use the word) from way before school age. The parents are to blame - no one else. Lewis is exactly right. If these kids were under the threat of THE SLIPPER (eh, it was scary when a wer a lud) and had parents who gave a fcuk, then this problem would not arise. But the parents let them run wild as soon as they slither out onto the pub floor.

Which brings me on to the next point of my manifesto: Mandatory National Service for Chavlings.
Snatch squads would operate from Makralon Wagons (painted a scary shade of black with a sharks mouth on the bonnet, for added fear factor) in city-centres. A tazer, a potato sack and some plasticuffs later, chavling would be on his way to being handed the queen's shilling. Of course, they wouldnt be allowed to pollute HM Forces until they had reached a suitably fearsome and aggressive standard. Ten years at the mercy of some proper 'National Service Discipline' should do the trick This way, the problem of chavs could be dealt with in a couple of generations, we would have all the wild-eyed killers we could ever use (for Korea/Iran/Bejing/wherever George needs), and city centres may be safe to walk in daylight once more.

And the deterrent value of some rough-and-tumble with Mr Makralon would keep the borderline chavlings in check, and make them seek an honest living. Problem solved.

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