Chavs picked on wrong people.

Whoops, when will these people learn.

Two men were reportedly left on the ground after accidentally starting a fight with three soldiers at the weekend.

According to The Sun, the two men drunkenly attempted to provoke George Cross winners L/Cpl Matt Croucher, 26, Captain Peter Norton, 47, and Australian Cpl Mark Donaldson, 31.

The three soldiers, who were wearing their medals but also dressed in civilian clothing, reportedly told the two men and their Staffordshire bull terrier to "walk away", only for them to refuse.

A witness said: "It was a case of yobs picking on the wrong people. After they ended up on the ground the guys just calmly adjusted their suits and walked off."
I wonder what will hurt the chavs more, kissing conrete or loss of credibility with their fellow chavs?
Either way nice to see them get what they deserved.
While it would be a great story if true, a great sun wah to sell papers methinks.


Urr.... Cpt Peter Norton GC is also in a wheelchair.... Plot hole
And is now a Major. :Major Peter Allen Norton GC (born 10 December 1962)[1] is an ammunition technical officer with the British Army's Royal Logistic Corps who was awarded the George Cross for his service in Iraq.

A captain at the time, he was second-in-command of the American Combined Explosives Exploitation Cell (CEXC) based in the outskirts of Baghdad. Going to the aid of a United States Army patrol that had been attacked by an improvised explosive device (IED) on 24 July 2005, he was checking for the presence of further devices when a secondary victim-operated IED exploded. He lost his left leg and part of his left arm, and he sustained serious injuries to his other leg and lower back. Despite his injuries, he continued to give instructions to his team, suspecting that further devices might be in the vicinity. He refused to be evacuated until he was certain that all personnel on the ground were aware of the danger. A third device was subsequently located and dealt with the following day.

Brilliant! Would love too see the CCTV!

I doubt even CPS would have the balls to try and do them for affray!
You want to bet on it? Three fine upstanding members of the country? They be inside/fined quicker than you could say 'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'.
I don't think they could keep hold of Donaldson for too long...
This is a bit like the thugs who set about two elderly chaps returning from their London club. It turned out that the two old boys were Fitzroy McClean and David Stirling


Hmm, maybe they were just filming the new series of Harry and Paul, doing the 'Benefits Family' sketch, and three extras were dressed in mil clothing, giving them a kicking.

I do like that sketch though*, woof-woof-you-shut-it-woof-woof-shut-it-woof-woof-you-shut-it


Edited to add: *Probably because it winds the missus up like a good 'un.
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