CHAVS - Love em or hate em?

Chavs - love 'em or hate em?

  • Fine representatives of today's youth culture and fashion, and the backbone of many fine Army Regime

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  • I too believe that Max Power is a great read, and that adding a cheap spoiler and a ludicrously big

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  • I haven'e a clue what a chav is

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If you haven't a clue what I'm on about go to and see if you recognise half of your unit...(or have a look at the departure lounge for any Germany trooper flight..)
Fabulous! Not only do half the new Ptes in my old Bn look like this, but my step-daughter's going out with one! Though temporarily car-less as he banged his 1.2 Astra into the back of another car last month in the wet, though travelling at 60 in a 30 zone probably didn't help.
Oh how I laughed!
The RAF seem worse - half the motors on the car parks at RAF Cosford could qualify...
forget about half your unit, look more to the scarey point that those of you that have hit with you wild oats could well be the proud producers of more than one of these chavettes!

having a chav son is bad enough but if the parents could seperate the girls from the trend then the growing number of 17 year olds with brats and a cool nova/clio would stop and the sub-moronic culture, and it would hopefully go the way of the do-do.

Too stupid too survive! :twisted:
I think it was a bit harsh of him to " 'dis your ride man!"
The pink really brings out the bloodshot red in your eye's aparently!
:oops: :twisted:

Mr Happy

I'm down with what a chav is, this is the same youth that has

(a) All the time in the world when everyone else is at work
(b) short neat hair
(c) wears those large bomber style jackets with fur lining, the zip done halfway up and pulled back so far their shoulders almost pop through...
(d) The addition of chewing gum and/or a sneer to make them menacing.

One little question though is is chav as in ch'ap or as in shav?

Also, do ALL of them come from S or E London?


War Hero
Also, do ALL of them come from S or E London?
Lots of them spawn in Crawley or Redhill.
We've had charvers in Newcastle for years.Nothing wrong with the lads that a good Arklon B shower wouldn't cure.
My daughter is clearly going out with one of these Darwin award winners despite my best efforts to exterminate his existance.

When did it become cool to appear as a council estate benifits scrounger? Even the well to do types in my village (daddy, consultant, mummy organises charity events) seem to take on this grockle culture.

And another thing, if they are sooo hard and menacing, why is it when you threaten to remove their vital organs and sell them on Ebay, they start to cry like a small baby with a WW I bayonet through their spleen?

And yet another thing, why do they all think dey is all black? Did they not realise the irony with Ali G? And..... when has the word axe been a substitute for the word ask???

Come the revolution to restore the Monarchy, these 'social experiments' will find that their futile existances have produced nothing more productive than a bad weekend in Colchester.
to stop the spread and breeding of these little boy racers institution of free insurance, being mandatory temporary chemical sterilasition from the age of 15 through to 18!
What a great thread...the sites are incredible. The scary thing is we all know what they are and you see the little f****rs every dayhanging around bloody supermarket car parks in the early evening. Can I sugest a step further than chemical sterilisation from 15-18. Can't we just spay the lot of them, and rid Britian of the lower end of the gene pool.
"Chav of the month" looks like the intake photos of the IOT Cse at RAF Cranwell! :lol:


War Hero
Why does not more gud soles come & start a Marilyn M site and preach the work!,done. Marilyn's not 4 charvas so! ,hey why not:
And there was me thinking that GCSE french was a challenge! I know most of the words but never realised they could go in that order. Why this person bothers with punctuation at all is a total mystery.
"Chav of the month" looks like the intake photos of the IOT Cse at RAF Cranwell!
Never mind intake photos, they look an awful lot like some aircrew who invaded our mess bar recently when their aircraft broke down on our cricket pitch.

The only reason no one took them to task about the unironed, untucked Ben Shermans was that a party from the mess was off on a night out and were wearing really horrible shirts themselves...
The nickname Sanddancers where did it come from ? this is a question we have been asked many times and the most popular answer is that many years ago a lot of Arab seamen settled in our town and as Arabs are associated with the desert then the nickname Sanddancer came about if you lived in South Shields
Clever of them to work out that Arabs have an association with the desert.

However ........ they do have a message board ....... we could have some fun :twisted:
Mushroom & islanda and the rest. is a top site. Charver Central is where it is at - explains the language & the accessories required for proper charver. Their Forum Board is FAR more Charve than Sanddancers.

Seeing this scum in Newcastle & closer to home reminds me of why I joined up every time!
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