Chavs Latest Trick

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Aug 15, 2004.

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  1. In Nottingham,the latest little trick they have is to drive around with no lights on in their car,when someone flashes them to tell them they have no lights on,they chase them and then give them a kicking when they catch them.charming little bleeders aint they.
  2. That story's an urban myth.A hoax :wink:
  3. A. If you are in your car..... why dont you run the fuckwits over??

    B. If you are in your car..... why dont you drive off if you dont like the idea of A

    C. Beat the fcuk out of them..................
  4. YeeeHaaa!

    I's got me some rope,
    lets go for a jig party?
  5. Or if your in an old shit car, just ram into the fcukers! Insurance will go in your favour because the gobshites didn't have lights on and if not it's only an old shitty car, well worth taking one of them bastards of the street.
  6. Your man there is absolutely right. Classic urban myth; see the link. The site is great, full of info on this kind of thing. There's plenty to hate chavs for, but this particular method is not one of theirs. not unless they've learned to read *and* use a computer.

    In which case we're all f*cked.
  7. heard that one before, but not with chavs and more guns. :lol:
  8. Roll down the window and start stabbing, or hurl a bottle of white lightning out the window and watch them chase it.
  9. Yeah but there's a Burberry Outlet store at Gunwharf -
    Now where did I cache that PE? :) :)