Chavs kicked former soldier to death for £5

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by actiontoday, Apr 23, 2008.

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    A gang of teenage hoodies desperate for cash to spend on booze and drugs kicked a former soldier to death and robbed him of just £5
    The 55-year-old, who served in the British Army for nine years and also worked as a UN peacekeeper, was kicked, stamped on and battered with a large stick as he cycled home from work.
    He died in hospital nine days later from a blood clot to the brain as a result of the injuries he suffered.
    One of the killers was later overheard boasting: "Did you see his face, did you see the way I was battering him."
  2. Should be rendered clinically brain-dead by the state, screened for disease etc and their organs harvested & put to better use.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Great country this! If you don't fight back you get fcuk'd and if you do raise a hand to the little darlings plod will come along and arrest you because your easy points for their target.

    I suggest the little tossers be put on a C130 and dropped into the middle a desert, any desert just so long as its hot and dry, should take them a few days to die.
  4. They should be made to serve their time in `A` Wing, MCTC, the we`d see how tough they are!
  5. Bastards like that deserve to be shot and their families evicted from their homes (or chained to the radiators and their houses set on fire)

    stab (enraged)
  6. lets make sure we know what the little fcukers look like.....

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  7. Maybe 20 - 30 years ago sure, but MCTC has changed with the times as well, not the beasting palace of old. :D
  8. Look at them the typical untermenschen that inhabit council estates and we all know what to do with untermenshen.
  9. Here's hoping they number amongst the many suicides we hear about, in a few months time.

    I would have thought by now we would have heard about vigilante squads, roaming the nation getting rid of vermin like these. Surely some pre-emptive action would see the streets clear once word gets out.
  10. we can shoot one with 5.56
    one with 7.62
    one with 6mm ugly
    one with .50 and find out which one dies first
  11. A great idea - I'd join as long as I can I have a whip like Indiana Jones'!!!
  12. In the knee though! :twisted:
  13. Maybe 20 - 30 years ago sure, but MCTC has changed with the times as well, not the beasting palace of old. :D[/quote]

    Of course, you`re spot on with that analysis. I was just thinking out loud for a return to the `good old days`. I would be classed as delusional,I suppose.
  14. Something like France's Devil Island would be an acceptable alternative .
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    From the article: "Cowardly McNamara sank to the ground and sobbed as he arrested. He had to be supported by a WPC"

    Why did he have to be supported by a police officer? He should have been 'allowed' to fall to the ground along with all the other dogshit and cr'p. I've no doubt he could have been encouraged to get back up later with suitable counselling and other acceptable techniques.

    Prison works. At least if these vermin had been inside where they should have been it would have worked for Mr Green.

    Hopefully life will mean life - not out in a couple of years time.