Chavs in the Cav

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ward_Room, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi - I have a close member of my family at Sandhurst who is considering a commission in the Cav. The only drawback is he is not from a public school background and has no 'extra' income. They are keen for him to join and has been told that this is no longer a big deal - however the cost of a mess kit is around £4000. Is there anyone there who can offer a view on wither chavs can fit into a cav mess or if things are much as they always were.
  2. But who sponsored him thru RCB ? I find it strange that he is at RMAS and still thinking where he wants to be once he is thru' the factory ?
  3. Being sponsored through RCB doesn't really mean a thing. Your ACA(O) can sponsor you through RCB.
  4. He was sponsored by and Infantry regiment but has since decided he doesn't want to go Infantry......the thing i am really interested in hearing about are views on Cav Officrs and if it's possible to fit in without a private income or a public school background.
  5. I worked for a LG officer who had originally joined RHG/D as a trooper. He was a regular entrant and as far as I am aware had no private means and wasn't from old money. I can't say what his educational background was but I do know he was a popular chap with everyone in his regiment.

    I think the days when cavalry types coming to a regiment had to have a hunter and ten gun dogs are gone.

    Of course if he really is a chav he won't get far anyway, but RCB should have weeded those ones out, and RMAS would certainly knock it out of him. Breakfast with the Commandants wife might be a turning point if he's gets that far
  6. As one of those types you were discussing above (ie not from a public school background and from modest upbringings, and classed by some as a 'chav' (i drive a subaru and wear a cap sometimes)) I find it difficult to relate to some of the cavalry officers. I am in the RAC but in the Royal Tank Regt and have no problems there what so ever, in fact I fit in very nicely.

    Things have changed but some regiments do (IMHO) hold on to their perceived standards of what a cavalry officer should be. The way he'll find out is to go on an extended visit to them. At the end of the day if he doesn't fit into the mess he'll have a torrid time. He should go where he feels comfortable.
  7. I agree with Cowhead. I spent a couple of years on an SSVC with a regular Armd Recce Regt (who shall remain nameless) from the Yeomanry. Non public school types were only found in the ranks of the LE fraternity (and any 21 y/o ex Harrovian would have his faced filled in by them if he was foolish enough to take the proverbial). It was certainly clear what the JOs thought of non club members and I would anticipate an uncomfortable ride.
    Most subbies I served with lived off their own wages, but had nothing to show for it at the end of the month.
    Think hard about it and pay the chosen Mess a nice long visit.
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    Nehustan On ROPs

    I was once told a story by a member of RTR about a youngman who I guess must have been from a cavalry family, and ended up in RTR. Fresh out of the academy he insited on calling the tankies 'boy'. The way it was told to me is that the NCOs mysteriously went missing on exercise and he found himself tied to a tree. As it was dark the tankies struggled to find a place to pee, but all decided on a tree they found. Funny coincedence in the morning the new officer seemed to have a completely new attitude to the men.
  9. Hey, i drive a Subaru and im definitly not a chav!!!! :wink:
  10. Are you sure...? :twisted:
  11. lol, most certainly! Although the local towns around here are full of them...chavs not subarus!!

    And besides, your a chav subaru driver when you have bought a 2nd hand one and modded the feck out of it....mine new from new, untouched!
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    Nehustan On ROPs

    I thought it was the senior regiment, silly me, must read the NoW and get my facts straight :roll: