Chavs? In Darlo???

I'm in Darlington right now.

It's ******* grim up north
I've just got home from a trip into Darlington, some frightening sights as the sun came out, I don't go into town much these days as you say it's grim...
You should have popped round for a brew. I wouldn't have put you to work or anything.
I once popped into a Morrison's in Tamworth* when waiting to pick up mush_lass from the station. I asked if there was a toilet I could use only to be told that they had to close them because people were taking food in there and eating it.

Shitehole of the midlands
I had to pop into a cubicle in my local ASDA, and some chap had taken in a pre cooked chicken and a bottle of beer, and had a nice little lunch while locked in the bog. Freak!!

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