Chavs, Goths and Walts!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trackpen, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. From today's Grauniad On-line

    Track's Article Link

    I would have thought a good beasting would do the job just as well and possibly have a longer term result. Fine, taking them off the streets to 'release pent up energy', but then allowing them to play with even toy weapons is probably sending the wrong message - all sorts of wrong messages. Wasn't there a case the other day of some Chav apparently terrorising a shopping street by training a BB weapon around? Good idea, bad execution.
  2. Chavs are bad news, full stop. The fact that a group of people labelled chavs have done anything remotely community-spirited reveals that they are not, in fact, chavs at all. More like ChavWalts, by the sound of it. I dont think getting a few of the watered-down ones to play airsoft makes it any more likely that you'll see incidents of BB guns in shopping malls. Airsoft 'weapons' require no training - they are, essentially very dangerous toys. Its all about the will/stupidity to brandish one in a public place. Not even chavs are daft enough to think that because they are involved in a community initiative, it is a good excuse to take one out in public. Such an event could very well end in tragedy (bad idea, good execution), and as chavs are all about self-preservation, I think these ChavWalts might be a little more careful.
  3. Got to love my home town. This problem has been going on for years in Peterbourgh. Some of the estates are the poorest in the UK. It's fun being the square on a Saturday afternoon watching the great unwashed and gob shi'ites going for each other. Even better is watching the chav girls fight amongst themselves.
  4. MyssL. Thanks for putting that up. Would be grateful to know how it's done. Thanks.
  5. Knives and axes and shallow mass graves.

    Do us all a favour.
  6. And film it for the education of all.
  7. I am currently based near Peterborough (though thankfully not for much longer). There is no shortage of use of the above weapons, due mainly to the Government's policy of housing so many Iraqi, Kurdish and East European asylum seekers in the town, to add to the many illegals.
  8. Set the Chavs against the Asylum seekers......winner stays on and takes on the Goths, winner stays on and takes on whoever else. Only rules are , bring your own tools and play up the table after a foul shot.