Chavs are tribes????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roxygirl, Jun 12, 2005.

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    LONDON - Chavs, yarcos and neds — these are the new tribes of Britain, as defined by compilers of the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary. And the weapon for keeping them in line? The asbo, of course.

    “Chav” is defined as “a young working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes. The word’s origins may come “from Romany chavi — a child.” The dictionary also includes “chavette,” the female equivalent, and the adjectives “chavish” and “chavtastic” — suitable for or designed for chavs.

    No mention of the burberry knockoffs though! :?
  2. Someone told me about that today.

    Thats fcuking chavved up that is :lol:
  3. I think the "Chavi" source seems true - my uncle is in with a lot of traveller families in the south of England, and his 3-year-old son's picked up the word "Chavvy" from them - maybe that's where it comes from :lol:
  4. I have a cocker spaniel who has the natural talent of pishing on the leg of my sister in law everytime she visits(if you knew her you would know this is not a bad thing). I had tried to discourage him( to maitain the inter family status quo) until said sister in law took me eldest T-let shopping and returned with fake burbery cap and scalf.
    I restrained my displeasure as T-let explained that her aunty had chosen them and that they where all the go Once T-let was up the wooden hills I deposited the offending items in the bin. For the following few weeks my response to my eldest T-lets question " have you seen my cap and scalf anywere" was "if you cant look after your kit don't expect me to".
    I consider this a major success in pro-active parenting and thankful that I own a dog with wisdome beyond his hairy years. Now back to the main issue Chavs, can't we use them as enemy forces in live fire Ex and if not why not.
    Oh and before anyone asks, no you can't borrow my dog as I never know when my sister in law is going to turn up
  5. Chavs are not a tribe, they are a disease.

    And Gimpy is the cure.

    The Spawn has spoken
  6. There is a school of thought that would place the origins of the word 'Chav' at the teribbly refined Cheltenham's Ladies College.

    Stands for CHeltenham AVerage apparently.

    Top job BigT Little Zippy not 2 yet but sure chavtastic sister in law would love to try the same, Over my rotting corpse that is.

  7. Chavs are certainly a tribe.

    A primitive tribe, who scavange what they need to survive (ie the dole/your car) from their surroundings. Once a week, when they have scavanged all they need for the coming week they take part in weekly mating and leadership rituals.

    Chav females can have relations with many males, sometimes in the same night, and may bring up many chavletts, each by a different father. Thay attract mates by being as boyish as they can, wearing cheap clothing/jewelry and getting wasted on alcopops.

    Chav males prove their superiority by the low level of their car and largest exhaust. Stealling the most stuff and sometimes in combat with other chavs at their meeting halls.

    You can tell their loyalty to the tribe by the amount of Burberry thay wear. Also used are cheap chunky jewelry and white tracksuits. Hoodys are also seen.

    I'm with spawn on this one. A healthy dose of Gimpy will sort this out.
  8. Their all scum, thats all ..
  9. Any chance he can get my driveway done for me?
  10. mmmmmmmmmmm i can see it now.... well positioned gun groups.... endless 1 in 1.... in your own time carry on.
    Sign me up for some of that sh1t please, i'm in!
  11. "Targets will scream and fall when hit"...
  12. I did hear one theory on the origin of the word "chav" that made some sense. Apparently, it is derived from Council House And Violent (C.H.A.V).

    Also the younger supporters of Portsmouth FC have been wearing massive amounts of Burbury clothing for many years now. Coincidence, or not? :?: :lol:
  13. Quite possibly, yes.
  14. I was aware of a different meaning - Council House Adult Vermin

    or as I call them burberry fig 11s
  15. A mate and I once penned a p1sstake Public Service leaflet entitled "Achtung Chavzer" in which we detailed methods of dealing with our Burberry friends. It's a shame we didn't finish it though :(