Chavs, a final solution?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zarathustra, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. It's is becoming more and more obvious that we are living in a society where it is cool to be a ****. You only have to open the papers to see moe reports like these:

    Forcing kids to fight

    Killing deers

    Many people on ARRSE are advocates of sterelizing the chavs of our great nation, or killing them off.

    David Cameron suggests that we should "hug a hoody", but has anyone on ARRSE got any ideas on how to tackle the growing trend in chavism?

    We could try educating the kids at school, but the majority of damage is done at home by their family and friends, how can we deal with this without resulting to sterelization of extermination?

    Anyone else got any ideas?
  2. Borstals, boot camps, National Service, zero tolerance, stoppage of benefits if out of work for too long, chemical castration of chav parents.

    but this country is too soft for it so it'll never change.....unless theres a revolution where-upon every lamp post will have a chav swinging from it.

    Edited because I thought of more.
  3. I guess there is no miracle cure to this problem. One thing to start is to get tough with offenders and stop being so politically correct with them. The average chav laughs at any authority figure as they well know that the punishment hardly fits the crime and being caught is often used as a badge of honour with their piers. I think most of this started when children were given more rights to challenge authority in school. When I grew up you respected that authority and even if you questioned that direction, you did what you were told and often later realised that judgement was sound despite thinking the contrary at the time. We have given the young far too much power and they use it for their own gain just as much as to defend themselves from wrong doing.

    Another factor is media. They glamorise violence and aggression in a way that has no consequences for those actions. The whole "gangsta" culture that has spun out of the hip hop scene has not helped here and for the uneducated and desperate to fit in young, this seems like a way to identify with others. Its not just the UK though, this is world wide, even here in NZ. The media is the main responsibility for generating that attitude. It is now no longer cool to aspire to being better than you are but to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The generation of parents we have today are the result of that change in media influence.

    This coupled with the greedy materialism and the instant gratification that most of these type subscribe to is not helping either. Gone are the days of working hard to get somewhere or attain something and enjoy that even more through the hard work to get it. They see it as a right not a privilege.

    No matter how bad parents can be, if the rest of the society is hard on antisocial behaviour be it in school or in public then it can not survive. What we have now is teachers that are afraid of their students because of the power the children were given, a public that will not stand up for themselves because they will not receive the backing from the police, media that glamorises violence and parents that actively encourage their kids to take what they want. The film lord of the flies shows well what children without rules can be like and its only through rules and guidelines that stops them from becoming the scrotes we have today. The young have been given these rights at the same time as the very people that guide and govern the young have had that power taken away from them by the politically correct.

    I have to say that in NZ its not nearly as bad and most kids are polite and well mannered because they are taught to respect their elders and we don't have a politically correct nanny state eroding that authority to allow the children to run amok. Another factor is it is a more religious society, not that I am religious myself but the moral values that are instilled are of merit. Also allowing children to be just that, children and not mini adults way before they are able to understand the consequences of their actions.

    So how do you change a society? By every one of you changing a little of what is around you, if enough people do that then at one point a critical mass will occur and a society will follow the new pattern just as fashion does. If parents stopped putting their kids in front of the TV or giving them playstations and encourage them to partake in more beneficial activities that would be a start and they may actually learn something from their children rather than see them as an inconvenience as it seems a fair amount do today.

    Or you could sterilise all the chavs :thumleft:

    Sorry for the rant but I am dismayed at what is happening back home. I came back after a few years away, looking forward to being there only to see what I had left behind just get worse and that is really sad to see.
  4. Public flogging, keel-hauling, vigilante groups formed from those with no criminal record and the right to kill burglars with no questions asked.

    Seriously though, the system lets them get away with such behaviour, and all this human rights ballix is tying both hands of the police. We need radical legislation change before theres any kind of shift in the "world owes me a living" attitude.

    Theres a bloke I know who has 4 kids by 2 different women, another one on the way by a third troll. This guy is 33 and has NEVER had a job. His father had 9 kids and likewise never worked a day in his life.

    There are large urban areas in this country which are in sh*t state. Public works gangs made up of the long term unemployed under the supervision of the Army could make a difference while making these buggers earn their dole money.
  5. crow_bag

    Absolutely disgusted in the two articles. It's about time something was done.
  6. Only one answer - SHARIA LAW (with a special opt out on the booze issue, natch)
  7. Anyone know the website address for repatriating to Netherlands???

    I'm not looking forward to moving back to UK now.
  8. I know some of you watched Bad Lads Army from previous threads but does anyone know whether any of the blokes in it went on to apply to join up for real,or what the rate of recidivism was amongst them?
    I only ask cos Buggrit mentioned National Service and i wondered whether being exposed to real discipline had actually made a difference. If so,whilst only on a small scale, it would strengthen the arguement for bringing back NS wouldn't it?
  9. Here is a good resource of information if you are planning on moving abroard Click here

    I too am beginning to have doubts about moving back to the UK with the way things seem to be deteriorating. I do hope things will improve but under the present government I think it is unlikely and there is little alternative while media is more important than reform.

    I never used to think this but now I believe NS may actually be a short term fix to instill discipline and confidence into the disaffected youth. The longer term solution is still some kind of social reform but that would take a generation to actually see any change.
  10. I dont know the figures BB but all you seem to hear people bleating on about is that teens have nothing to do and thats why they cause trouble. Get them serving for a couple of years, it solves the manpower problem, gets them off the streets and some of them may even like it and stay on.
  11. exactly...the leftie chav huggers are always saying 'its not their fault,they've had no parental guidance and children respond well to being given limits and lines they can't cross'.
    From the bits i saw of BLA,many of them,once they'd had a go at pushing the limits,actually seemed to relish the challenge and enjoy being part of a proper goal orientated team.,thus proving the leftie cheek kissers right for once!
    I just wonder how many of them actually turned their lives around after the pogramme finished

  12. I think your first paragraph describes the starting point for a solution. Pussyfooting around is making things worse; longer sentencing, automatic deportation for at least the most serious crime like this one for example; Youth offenders places and prisons ought to be places where your 'human rights' are lost for violating the rights of those who your crime was committed against. And the most disruptive at school can go there as well. You don't want to learn, p|ss off so that those that do, can.
  13. ... he never said that, it was a deliberate distortion of what he said by one of the labour "lacky" papers
  14. Use them in lieu of Foxs?
  15. I was in NZ last year. I have looked at imigration and sadly discovered I am now too old.

    Do yourself a favour xpatKiwi; remember GB as you knew it and stay well away - this cuntry is now a total shítheap thanks to the cráp government and the world's ne'er do wells washing up unabated on our shores.