Chavmong or Chavstic?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Several threads about our chromosone abnormal fellow earth dwellers of late ... excluding tigers.

    I've just been to W'Spoons for a pint with Gren and we spotted what appeared to be a 'right spazzer' wearing a burberry baseball cap. It being in NE Kent, we pondered what might be the correct designation of this delightful creature ... is it a "chavmong" or a "chavstic".

    Advice welcome as well as any designation of those you may well have spotted.
  2. Has to be a window licking chavstick

    Say hello to Gren :)
  3. There is an entry for "chavspastic" in the Urban Dictionaery, but it's not a example of an indiviual.

  4. Or indeed a Spaschav?
  5. whatabout "cnut"?
  6. Chavstick not to confused with the lip balm chapstick, as this could lead to some explaining to be required, unless you are wedge of corse
  7. it's chavstic, its got a good ring to it like bumder.
  8. Given the sighting was in NE Kent, how about "pikey"?
  9. Nah ... if this creature were to lay a drive it would be all over the fcuking place ... oh ... on second thought ...
  10. Did they frighten you? Did you think you were back in your local?

    I'd go for "Chavstic", because if you got caught saying it, you could pretend you were saying Chapstick, therefore avoiding any confrontation from said dribbler and, no doubt, massive family/helpers.

    Anyway, what are you doing getting legless in the pub when you should be out buying all the stuff on the list I gave you? Oh, and get me a photo of Gren's pants. There's a good chap.
  11. No good -- sounds as if it just might be some kind of former WARPAC special forces, and therefore ally, in a cabbage-soup-smelling kind of way.

    All the best,

  12. I'd just go with Chavsick :puker: :pukel:
    Because that's how they make me feel :x
  13. I feel you are now discriminating against those who prefer to be called 'chavtards'!! Disappointed in you K13!!!
  14. That's allowing them a fair amount of intelligence to be able to recognize that you were insulting them. I imagine most would just respond with "Wha???"
  15. I think the term "chavtard" brings something to the table....