Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by polar, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Just taken the kids cycling through northern Beeston, Leeds.

    Afro-Caribbeans out having a BBQ after spending most of the day in Church.
    Irish whites talking about going down the pub
    Smacked out 'muslims' complaining another muslim drinking all their beer.
    Yorkshire lads in their sunday best (10 year old England shorts)
    Young Yorkshire lass walking her young kids (she practically begged me to screw her !!!! WTF)
    Polish swigging canned beer on an evening stroll.

    I guess some of what I've just said sounds racist but I don't think I've seen any post on here that tackles problems these people suffer. Which is alarming seeing as this place breed the 7/7 bombers. Interesting to see the muslim/UK integration in this area was a new pakistani mother talking to the Yorkshire lad in the old England shorts.

    p.s. If anyone wants to poke that Yorks lass, seems a shirt with collar and two well behaved kids is the key.
  2. Eh? What's so bad about having a barbie?

  3. Were you wearing a tie as well?

  4. A felon for dapper atire, scots?
  5. B@stards! They come over here, help themselves to our charcoal and fill up all the Sunday Schools so native white kids can't get in. I mean, my brother's kids, Wellard and little Mateus-Rosé haven't seen the inside of a church since, well, ever. These non-native church-goers seem to forget that it's people like me and my brother who pay for these churches through our incapacity benefit.

    Send 'em back where they came from (and no I don't mean Liverpool).

    Wouldn't you complain if somebody drank all your beer - especially if they were a muslim? The BNP's director of research, Big Vic McManus PhD, has proved that the rocketing price of beer in the UK is caused by increased demand due to uncontrolled asylum seeking from muslim countries like Poland.

    Probably reminiscing about the last time England won anything.

    Probably needed a kid in your colour to match the new sofa the council just gave her.

    B@STARD!!! Just because he's worked a 96 hour shift replumbing an entire housing estate doesn't entitle him to behave like a lager lout. It was probably him who nicked the muslims' beer!
  6. Well standards should be maintained at all times is sunday after all..
  7. Last year I went to Beeston. Before the immigrants showed up, it was a happy place. They had flowery meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles.

    Not really. I'm from Leeds and Beeston has always been a shithole. It's where the council puts all the scum.

  8. The Irish have been going to live with you for the last 160 years ever since you lot came over and killed off all our po-tat-oes :)
  9. Can't blame them for trying though. I wouldn't live there if you paid me to.
  10. I dont get the point of the post. Is is a celebration of the inherant tolerance of the majority of the English, or trying to start a pointless anti immigration rant? I hope its the former. If I wanted the latter i'd just buy a copy of the daily hate.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sorry I thought it was Beeston near Nottingham, still not too far from the truth there either!
  12. Saw a funny thing yesterday in Pompey. :1:

    A siesta (collective noun) of female Spanish students were draped over the steps just outside the pub showing off their suntans (and next week's washing). And there's 2 UK knobbers come up with either short longers or long shorts showing off their legs which couldn't have been whiter if the Dulux dog had been licking them for an hour. They then proceed to take off their tee shirts to show off less hair than I have on the palm of my hand and even whiter than their legs! :D

    They decide to try their luck with the senoritas. "How's it going gorgeous?" says the one with slightly more gonads than the other.

    "Fuk off w*nker" was the reply from one Spanish princess. Priceless! :worship:
  13. Nowt, just painting a complete picture
  14. Neither and you've jumped straight onto race bandwagon. North Beeston has a very diverse population yet still managed to produce a number of extremists. The perceived solution was better intergration between races but the real problem was poverty and the area being the councils dumping ground.
    I regard the area as a no go zone (for my kids), I guess you can say I'm being classist.