Chavez Wins Term Limit Vote, Opens Campaign for 2012

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Chavez Wins Term Limit Vote, Opens Campaign for 2012

    Thank goodness Ken Livingstone is no longer in office :D
  2. Time for an accident methinks :)
  3. what with?? exploding cigars? (again)
    Chavez is the new Fidel for the 21st century. get used to him.
  4. This country doesn't have term limits either... but it's all about how valid elections are over there, could be a slippery slope, given the history of that area, chances are he'll end up as another dictator
  5. Exactly my thoughts when I heard this...could lead to dictator - oops, I mean president - for life - as we know those in power, except perhaps the amazing General Washington, are loathe to give it up.
  6. I've never understood that myself. I mean, money and power is nice, but why would anyone want to work until they dropped?
  7. Balcony, speeches, flag waving crowds. This will all end in tears mark my words. Tim Rice and Lloyd Webber are on standby preparing the songs.................
  8. Are we really in much a position to speak?
  9. The man's a tit and he's running the country into the ground but it wasn't all sweetness and light before he started either. IIRC the wealth disparity and percentage of the population living in poverty were massive and quite shocking for a country with such large oil reserves. Is it any wonder that the poor keep voting for the guy that gives them a larger share of the money than they used to get? What they really need is a good new centrist political party that would fix the economy and property rights whilst also still carrying on the more viable programmes of aid to the poor. That would really cut the ground out from under him.