Chavez to visit Britain - but not to see Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, May 14, 2006.

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  1. It doesn't matter how many tossers you fit in one room, they're still tossers.
  2. Seems like just another country we've royally pi$$ed off by going to war. Just lovely.
  3. Chavez is a total Tw@t. The things he's come out with since getting into power are laughable. Look back and you'll find he's increasing their reserve army by 1.5million, but only have the rifles for 100,000. This was in response to american internation aggression apparently.

    Ken needs to wind his neck in with this one. After all that's been said about the UK by chavez it's quite right that blair should not meet him.

    Perhaps you shoud look into the background a little army-hopeful
  4. Now she's back I suppose.

    I don't like dogs on the furniture either.

    Especially when they're so fcuking ugly.

    Who was it that put Cherie and Amour in the same song? Fcuker must have been blind.
  5. A bit more about chavez (admittedly from a traditionally right paper, but with a lefty owner) the times
  6. 'Keith' Murdoch a lefty? - What Columbian substance are you on? :twisted:

    Wouldn't like Chavez as a president (but then again we have Blair) but at least Chavez's TV show is just pure genius.
    Have to admit, he has extended basic services and opportunities to the working classes and I think it was the Observer who pointed out that if stays where is in the opinion Polls he could win up to 70 % of thevote.
  7. Murdoch has come out in support of labour in the last three elections. I'm not calling him a traditional lefty, but the times is often a confused paper, posting lefty-liberal on the same page as some true right-winger.

    How about we invade venezuala? That could be fun on a quiet sunday afternoon...
  8. IS he going to Pontins to meet the red coats?
  9. Crabby, i never said that i supported Chavez in any way, or his regime. I merely pointed out that we had added yet another country to the list of those countries who used to be quite happy with us, and are no longer. I actually do know some of the background to his regime, and don't appreciate the insinuation that i don't know any of it. :roll:
  10. Oh he'd be ranting about us regardless, British companies have interests in oil fields over there, and then there's the matter of the Falklands, oh and unlike him we're not a far left socialist state.

    I wouldnt worry if he dislikes us, his quite frankly a nutter who lost the plot. Didnt he try and over throw the previous govt with a (failed) military coup? In a civilised country he'd never have been allowed to stand for leader.
  11. Lets plan a 'protest' for our comie little friend kill red Ken in the process and get medals from Bliar all in the same day.
  12. The Times is confused as keef knows that editorial interference would be bad for business. Also as the paper of the thinking elite, its naturally always going to be confused!
    But I think Murdoch support of Blair was based on a) the fact he looked like a winner and b) he moved Labour from the left to a more social democratic stance.
    But if we invade Venezuala - Can Chavez keep his TV show?
  13. Murdoch is right wing.
    I am left wing.
    Our respective positions haven't changed for the last 2 decades or more.

    Tony Blair however, has done a deal with 'someone' and moved the whole party lock stock and barrel to the right of the tories. FULL STOP.

    I'm no neophiliac but Labour are now the new Tories.

    And we have final proof that somebody else who posts to this forum is confused and doesn't know his arrse from his elbow. You're certainly not on a mind expanding drug, are you?
  14. Gosh! Really? I would never have guessed. Tell me, do you still cry yourself to sleep over the fall of the Berlin Wall and the utter failure of Communism? (you know, what is generally referred to as 'the end of the Cold War''s a hint - your side lost).

    Yes indeedy, abolishing the hereditaries in the House of Lords and stuffing it full of cronies; ramming through the Hunt Bill; allowing political-correctness to infect every aspect of society; and running the Armed Forces into the ground are truly the actions of a party "to the right of the tories" (on the Planet Thark I imagine, but here in the real world...).

    God help you if you honestly believe that this clown Chavez is the Great Red Hope of the Left. Being lauded by assorted lefties and liberals in Europe does not a leader make, and it's going to wear a little thin when Venezuela collapses in upon itself. Somebody should remind Comrade Chavez that it's a little diffcult to run a country without a middle-class, and at the rate that the Venezuelan middle-class are fleeing, Hugo is on target to make Venezuela the social equivalent of the USSR before long. Any man who bases his political thinking on Castro has got to have a slate lose.