Chavez tells UN Bush is devil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by castlereagh, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Apparently before his speech, he crossed himself!! 8O

    From the BBC

    I have to say, I agree with him on the need for reform of the UN!
  2. Must buy the Crazed Para a drink sumtime.
  3. All politics aside, the bloke has some some big swinging latino cojones.
  4. He's definately value for money, more Paras in political positions I say.
  5. Devil this week Behellzabob next.
    er what about all his little helpers ? The British Poodle.
  6. Got to agree with the man, the UN is worthless and Bush is barking.......bit harsh calling him the devil, the devil must be mightily miffed at being called Bush!
  7. big up the barking ex para :D
    jus know com and other spam sites will be calling for operation central american freedom :twisted:
  8. Bush will kill me: Chavez
    From correspondents in Caracas

    The Australian link

  9. Ya just got ta luv Chavez, makes the day worthwhile.
    Mind you he is barking.
  10. Whiff of the mentalist about that one for sure!

    On the subject of outbursts at the UN, I trust you've followed my signiture link, and emailed the President of Iran to let him know you love him too?
  11. Hum
    The world would be a boring place with out these people.
    Yaeh I know that people in positions of power should be like ar Tone dull boring but Sincear. (However ya spell it)
  12. He's not a proper Para, otherwise he would have organised a vomit boatrace among the other Latin American leaders, or would have challenged Bush to a w*nk-off.. :D