Chavez soon to declare war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KyleH, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Will those weapons be accompanied by trained crews and maintenance staff? Logisticians to control the movements of spares/POL etc? Leaders with sufficient tactical training to use the weapons effectively? If not, then it's just sabre-rattling.
  2. Colombians are masters in Air assault warfare and should destroy Venezeula on the ground,it's Chavez's Su-30's that are of concern against Colombia's Kfirs that are of concern.
  3. He has just accused America of using columbia as a proxy against him so I don't think he would be quite that stupid to risk Americas intervention against him. Even if they didn't he'd still **** up his economy by fighting a war as they are expensive things nowadays.
    Still you never know
  4. Chavez isn't so stupid as to do exactly what the US would love, and give them the excuse to bomb him to bits. This is pure showing-off to his own people, with a bit of international grandstanding thrown in.
  5. How thick are you lot, Chavez is getting set up by the US, only a couple of years ago there was an almost un reported, US backed coup in Venezeula, and over a million people including the Army put Chavez back in Power, after the Septics and the stinking rich of the country ballsed up the takeover, The US can't stand the fact that he is a popular leader, and with any luck the new Oliver Stone film about him will show the stupid Americans how they are once again being told Bullshit by their government.America will do anything to get Oil and if it means killing a couple of hundred thousand Venezuelains in another proxy war so what, they wont put their own troops in after the cockup in Iraq, but as Columbia is little more than a US puppet state they will be the fall guys
  6. If he hasn't yet taken delivery of his shiny new toys, then he needn't be too surprised when they get intercepted first.
  7. What a pity you were busy repairing the San Andreas fault that day; it could have gone so very differently.
  8. You sad stupid F**k, why do you bother posting on a thread you cant understand, go back to your crayons
  9. Oh! where is Tony Bliar when he's needed? He could have sent 'his' Army into South America in support of his special friends the Americans and then everything would be fine.
  10. DC's not in any state to make a grab for the super-giant BCF. It's short of political will and military means even in its current wars, the US economy looks pretty dire, the war chest is empty and up to its eyes in hock to Beijing. After the chastening Iraq experience debilitating geopolitical adventures fought with an eye on energy security are now 70s pipe dreams. As BP has probably compromised offshore prospects in US waters Canadian oil shales is probably going to be the future.

    As for Chávez, he isn't going to do much more than huffing and puffing to distract from his tanking petro-economy. His army is in practice a palace guard. Beijing also does not want trouble in what's now the C.N.P.C's backyard, they just loaned him $20 Billion.

    Course wars often happen for dumb reasons but this one looks very unlikely.
  11. There must be something in the air. North Korea and Venezuala, both basket case Third World economies, with lots of shiny, Warsaw Pact leftovers, and comic-opera leaders, are both trying to pick fights with their neighbours at the same time.
    The one thing both these pawns have in common is that China pulls their strings.
    Either China is going to have to take responsibility for its pets, or we may assume that it suits someone in Beijing to keep the fires stoked, and the world's eyes fixed here, while something weird happens elsewhere.
  12. If anything were to escalate In either of the above situations Cameron would do well to boost our troops in Afghanistan by oh say one or two thousand, claiming total commitment to current operations and absolving us from any responsibilities the US may believe we have to assist them under the terms of our 'special relationship'
  13. I've been following the career of Chavez for several years now, ever since a friend of mine, who is an expert on South America, told me all about the man.

    Chavez is an ex Para Major who had attempted a coup and was jailed for it. After his release he went to work for an insurance firm and the owner of the firm bankrolled Chavez into politics. Chavez set his political stance, like many other wannabee dictators, on promising the illiterate poor everything they wanted and the creation of figures to hate. His hate figures include the Americans, the British, the middle classes and any South American who didn't agree with him. He sees himself as the successor to both Castro and Huan Peron.

    Since coming to power he has illegally appropriated property, closed down all forms of media critical of his policies, and decreed that all government insurance be given to his old employer. If you are openly critical of the man you can expect a visit in the middle of the night. He has welcomed with open arms both the marxist terrorists and the narcoterrorists from over the border in Columbia and is busying himself destabilising the whole region.

    Chavez has survived because the oil prices rise in recent years has seen huge amounts of yankee dollars flood into his country.

    Chavez is not a man of the people he is another low life dictator following along the Hitler/Peron/Mao/Mugabe path.

    Just because he hates the Spams does not make him an automatic good chap.
  14. I would have considered Red Ken Livingstone to be the UK man on the spot. Ken loves the guy. When as London Mayor, Ken was promising Londoners cheap Chavez fuel for our 'bendy-buses' et al.,