Chavez: give us our gold



Traders prepare for Chávez gold transfer -

Venezuela’s central bank is the world’s 15th largest holder of gold, with 365.8 tonnes, of which some 211 tonnes, worth $12.3bn, are held overseas, according to a proposal for the transfer from the Venezuelan central bank and finance ministry.

Gold traders and logistics specialists said the transfer of 211 tonnes of gold – about 17,000 standard 400-ounce bars – would represent one of the largest moves of physical gold in decades. While billions of dollars worth of gold is traded every day, only a tiny proportion of it moves from vaults in London, New York and Zurich.

Mike Cundy, director of security for G4S, which along with Brink’s dominates the bullion logistics industry, said: “This would be a very big one – I can’t think of another case where we’ve moved that sort of thing.”

A large proportion of the gold is in London, according to figures in the proposal document, with the Bank of England holding 99.2 tonnes. The Venezuelan central bank also has gold deposit accounts with Barclays, HSBC and Standard Chartered that would be delivered to the Bank of England, traders said.
I do hope Brown didn't sell that as well...

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