Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IOW_FREEDOM_FIGHTERS, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. :x Can anyone tell me what CHAV stands for.
  2. Council House and Violent..............Police terminology I believe

    Edit for mong spelling, i before e, except after c!
  3. Thanks very much 8) VerminWA
  4. Can't
  5. Thanks Sandstone
  6. Sandstone? :D :? :)
  7. Close enough, Squids, you know us sloppies are not too good with words.

    But fucking outstanding with sharp pointy things and a couple of saucepans.
  8. Yeah, if you want your kitchen to look like the aftermath of an explosion in a Dolmio factory.... :wink:
  9. Ok to make a pint CHAV actually stands for Cheltenham Average, where the term originated, namely for the vast hords of teenage twats who drive modified Corsa's etc and theink they can outdrive any other car on the road. I knwo, I live in Cheltenham, and the bastards have spread to the rest of the country.
  10. How do you make a pint?
  11. C unts
    H omos
    A rseholes
    V ermin

    Must be close. :roll:
  12. I thought Chav came from Pikey talk for rat like vermin child.
  13. ok, at the risk of sounding a right sad git, Chav is old Romany for male and Chavva is old romany for female......personally, i couldn't give 2 sh1ts as i kill them anyways. :)
  14. Sorry Saintstone too much Wobble that night 8O