Chav Wedding Pics...

Good God!! Thats ferkin awful!!
Can someone put the pics in the thread as my work computer won't let me open jpegs. Cnuts.
Desperate, inbreading at it's most obvious.

Groom and best man look as if they are up in court for TWOCING.

that would be an awesome troop "theme" night out though - loads of minging slappers who are unable say no. basically the aforesaid theme is to scuttle a 'chavthing' and try not to get any serious disease. What's the bride's jewellery...a bloody clown pendant and huge hoop earrings probably.

check the two blokes in suits - ready for a court appearance. The groom looks a right rodent!
Ha you have got to notice the groom hasnt realised to cut off the little ribbon-thing with the makers name on thats on a suit cuff when you buy it - balls to it, they all look like utter drongos who shouldnt be allowed to reproduce!

God help us, if these people are allowed to carry on breeding the country is up $hit creek without a paddle!
blessed baby cakes said:
I love the way the Bride is holding her bouquet strategically to hide her bump........

Beebs :D
That's no bump thats what she looks like after being fed too many MuckyDs "cos she is so fin init"
Scary thing is that this is them done up in their finery - I don't want to imagine what they look like when they haven't bothered with their appearance.
For those who are using office computers

Cheers for that... saved me the time and effort!

How happy is the father of the bride ? Mind you I'd be fooked off if my daughter if the groom looked so weasel-esque as the oik in the pics.

The pics still raise a titter though! :twisted:
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