Chav web sites

What have you found out there?

I'll start with this.
Feck i hate them i really do, but yeah i'd bench her.
Come on fella's. Im all for slating chavs but she's only a baby. Lay into the chavvy 20 year olds instead. Come on act like soldiers not bullies! When she's 18 or so she'll be fair picking but thats just a bit out of order!
fair one she is a bit old (intit)


The owner of the first website actually wrote this about Tara's party and I quote:-
Dis was on da 3rd there were onli me, channy, tara , eddie n adrian there. well wat can i say it was alr8 suppose adrian dint cum till like 2 in da mornin n by dat time eddie n tara were fitin n me n chanz was nearly asleep! so it kinda died until e got there , then everyone was play fitin on da bed was soooo funny. channy got bit by eddie it looked like a humungus love bite hehe i gt pissed on 3 bottles of archers n a mixed drink wit everything init cant rememba realli, i no it ad vodka, oasis, blackcurrent, archers n summit else. never mind!!!!

Makes u wanna slit sum1s throte
Jaysus but these people give me the pip big time. Mind you I'd still hit the blondes ;)
my "doris" came from what is now one of the biggest "chav" centrals.....................the medway towns in kent, god what an airstrike could do to that place :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
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