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  1. What have you found out there?

    I'll start with this.
  2. Assuming 17 is legal, I would, just about.
  3. Feck i hate them i really do, but yeah i'd bench her.
  4. I have left her a nice message ....honest
  5. Come on fella's. Im all for slating chavs but she's only a baby. Lay into the chavvy 20 year olds instead. Come on act like soldiers not bullies! When she's 18 or so she'll be fair picking but thats just a bit out of order!
  6. fair one she is a bit old (intit)
  7. I got the telly
  8. What time? I got it in 16.11 seconds.
  9. ****** 17.02
  10. i got it in 11.22
  11. oh crap 17.22 sec 8O