Chav Towns

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Percy, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. I spotted this link in the Daily Telegraph. Following on from the success of the Chav Scum site, we can now nominate Chav Towns.

    There are some top quotes to be had, I was particularly taken by this one about Chickenly (where ever that is).

    'Chickenly is as bad as it gets. The minute you drive in, there are gangs of 5-year-olds, playing football in the middle of the road, pissing on the street and giving you dirty looks, each with over 20 siblings, and the customary 'gobby' council estate Chav Mum, too lazy to work, so claims off the council while she stays at home breeding.'

    Chav Towns :twisted:
  2. Damn, not only does that site mention My home town, it mentions my corner of this city, AND the secondry school I went to...
  3. But where is it?
  4. Cambridge.
  5. Swindon. Definitely a haven for chav and chavettes.

    I think Swine Town used to be the single mum capitol of the UK not so long ago.

    Doris's around Swindon act like they are owed it all and are very aloof yet they can't help spreading their legs and breeding like bunnies. 13 yr old pram pushers abound.

    Not bitter or anything but after a couple of consecutive bunny boilers I feel qualified to speak out.

    Nuke Swindon!
  6. Chavs, Pikeys and Students. F*ck me, you've got it rough.
  7. Didcot.

    Years of inbreeding and a population fcuked up by breathing in all the crap from the nearby power stations. 8O :? :oops: :x :cry: :roll:
  8. Aldershot. I bump into them regularly, on purpose and very hard.
  9. Gloucester takes a bit of a beating! Which is unfortunate as i have just moved there. Though one of the comments raised a laugh "Its a good excuse for legalised carpet bombing" - i didn't like to point out that its because of the carpet bombing that it looks so bad!!!!!

  10. Swansea is full of Chavs , its easy to get your leg over in Barons on production of an MOD 90 .The place is full of single mums and single grand mums who love a bit of squaddie loving . I am there tomorrow night as a warm up night for thr ARRSE gathering in Salisbury .
  11. No sheep in Swansea then? Must be tough for you.
  12. Don't get me started on TGB's... I nearly called them that during a job interveiw, just caught myself in time. Thought I'd screwed it up right proper, Until the interveiwer called them "Pikey *****"...
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  13. On my first arrival to England as a bright eyed Canadian fellow from the far regions of the Pacific North West I was confused with the atire and attitude brought about by these bands of raving teens, dressed in track pants (via socks tucked in), golf shirt and as add on's a fancy little thing known as a Burbary hat. I asked this passer by what are these strange creatures that drink cans of Stella and Carlsberg as they walk. The children pushing back strollers with babies inside as they sucked away at smokes drapped in the finest gold plated jewlery money could scrouge up.
    It seemed as I would walk these streets observing them in there habitat it is not so much where I was but there "life stlye" for there where a thousand Portsmouth's across the land. But having travelled England now from north to south I can gladly say with pride that my first destination in England has the greatest Chav's.

    Cheers 2CB
  14. The Isle of Sheppey, AKA "Fraggle Rock."

    The vilest hive of Hogarthian scum on God's earth.