Chav Towns...Which is the worst?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Forgive me if this topic has been done before...had a quick scan through and couldn't see it.

    I have to visit family in Blackpool in a few weeks time. Frankly dreading it. I have never been to a town with more Chav's in, in my entire life. It is constantly full of drunken monsters who think that they are sexy wandering the streets in a druken stupor, dressed in PVC nurses outfits that are clearly too small for them at a size 20.

    Also full of 13 year old single mothers on benefits, and more out of work mongs than you can shake a stick at.

    I believe that Blackpool is the chavviest town in the UK. Or am I wrong?
  2. What about Glasgow?
  3. Dover ??????
  4. No none of the above, the most chav town in the UK has got to be Stockton on Tees!!!
  5. Thought Dover was full of immigrants. Do they count as Chavs?
  6. Good point. Only problem is that Blackpool is full of the lowest level of Glasgows chavvy overspill. How bad is that. Glasgow isn't chavvy enough for them so they have to go to Blackpool for their chav fix.
  7. Well, technically, they're not chavs in Glasgow, the Neds (Non Educational Delinquents) - it's an officially recognised term in the central belt!
  8. Blackpool - was there at the weekend naff is an understatement - last year that gave the Freedom of Blackpool to 12 Regt RA - Rest my case
  9. Bracknell has highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, it's going to give anywhere a run for its money

  10. c'mon, thats gotta be Pompey 8O
  11. Chavs aren't a major problem around me, they may
    dress like chavs but certainly don't act like chavs. :eek:

    But theres a serious amount of hoods in Derry
    along with growing amount of Goths :(

    But give it time and there will be regular chavs about, innit :(
  12. Funny you should say Blackpool because as I read the title of the topic it was the towered town that came to mind. I had the fortune of spending 5 days there the week before last and although yes it is totally CHAVTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :? it is a really good place to take a few days in if you have kids under 10! We had a great time and the kids did too, swimming pools, zoo, the tower circus etc.

    Although the year before when we went (we have family up there to visit - honest) Mr Petite was at the bar in the Yates there when some drunken Scottish wench tried to pick pocket him - but she was that mullered and off her head she ended up trying to use two hands - needless to say he noticed immediately! We also had some dude in a wheelchair ask us for money at the cash point on in the shopping part of the town, although he was rather shocked when I pointed out that he was about as disabled as I am Mother Teresa -totally fuck wit.

    Have a nice time and remember to kiss someone quick and squeeze someone slowly :wink:
  13. What's a butsweet? Some sort of new suppository confectionery?
  14. This is a question coming from someone by the name of Clown Basher? I have a sweet butt and I am petite - what more can be said?