chav threatens to sue the sun

brighton hippy said:
Oh FFS what a dilema The sun getting a flogging=Good Chav getting money =Bad Ill write to dear dedrie!
****ing serves the yob right, good on the man for decking him ! they think they are above it all and can do anything they want ! but this Twat was proved wrong :)
Can some please tell me how many threads we can have running with the same theme/content


New Labour - Tough on Crime - Tough on the Victims of Crime
Maybe he will be depressed enough to hang himself and do us all a favour
he needs legal aid if only for entertainment value :twisted:

the stupid chav up against a lawyer would make a great utube clip.

or maybe just jeremy kyle to shout at him for 15 mins
Good to hear that the bloke and his family have moved elsewhere :) .

As for this individual, his name, age and approximate location are now all over the internet, along with a video of him big timing himself. I'd say (with some wishful thinking) that hurt feelings are the least of his worries. :wink:

EDIT: Anyone want to start a Jason Smith fan club? 8)
I lived near St Helens / Haydock for 25 years. The place is full of chav MFs including my own nephew who I hate. I wouldn't tolerate being victimised like many families there - let me just say that there would be a few missing persons' reports.
brighton hippy said:
I see our friendly neighbourhood chav was upset by 200,000 people seeing his humiliation.

Make that 200,001 - do you think that might drive him over the edge?

When his father says the chav is getting his life back together, does that mean plucking up the nerve to have a go at some old-aged pensioner? (after a lengthy period of surveillance to make sure she's not a 5th Dan Zimmerframe-do champion)
After watching the VT I'm surprised how his patience lasted that long, every town & village up & down the country has them.

Tolerate them we should not, nobbers
son of a b1tch deserved it, i wish i was there to spit in his face afterwards
Mmmmm. Given that he's taking on an organisation which can afford to put the best legal brains in the business up against him (let's face it, legal aid isn't going to get Thick Les the leading libel lawyer in the country) he may be onto another loser here.

And I'm sure that the Sun will ask whether or not it'd be more appropriate for him to sue his chav mate(s) who put it up onto Youtube for all to see.

And by the time the Sun have finished with him (suddenly, large number of people he supposed were friends reveal a litany of misdeeds to the Sun while Les, not being that bright, fails to notice that these mates all appear to have come into a spot of money from somewhere...), he'll need Perry Mason to help him win his case.

<Thick Les Mode ON>

Waaaaaah! He hit me!

<Thick Les Mode OFF>
Thing is, the filth, described as 'chav', will have his lawyer's fees paid by the tax-payer.

Why does 'filth' feel emboldened enough to 'have a go' at serious targets? Drugs and so called 'Street Cred'.

I have no doubt that the guy being challenged and attacked will be charged by the 'politicised' Police Farce - it will help their monthly targets.
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