Chav success story.

As these pages are constantly filled with see a chav and shoot on sight, or birch him on a charge of being young and feckless, I thought that this would make a change. I liked this story of a charity that is helping young lads get a start and setting them on the way.

More of this is needed and is cheaper to the country in the long run. However it also shows the way forward in that it is an individual effort not a government run affair. The government should step aside but facilitate the setting up of similar initiatives around the country to help ourselves do what is right. Given space people can blossom, and I hope that one day the message gets through. Shows the British at their best.
It's just a pity that the construction industry is collapsing at the moment..otherwise a good move and all credit to those kids for sticking with it!
I'm not a fan of chavs, as several posts here will attest, but I'm not divorced from the fact that they are not necessarily beyond redemption. The real trouble though is that there is an enormous media and retailing industry which is geared to turning the newborn into feral scum by the time they are six or seven. Perhaps more attention should be directed at the people who are really responsible for having made the chav phenomenon come into existence and nurture it.
I like it.

I have said for donkeys that the current schooling syste (comprehensive) is gash. These lads will grow in to good, productive members of the communty.

The odd birching now and then wouldn´t harm though :D
Not sure if it's well known on here, but there is a military associated organisation called Skillforce which practices these principles in schools, taking those kids who are identified as on the slippery slope and in the majority of cases turning them around, making them decent citizens.

It's all about teaching them morals and giving them some self esteem a lot of the time. When everyone around you is unsuccessful, you've got nothing (money or possessions), you're constantly being exposed to others (friends) and family members in the same boat, it's not easy to escape the situation.

So any chance like this that is offered has to be taken. How many people have joined up to escape their situations?
big_mad_ejit said:
Looks to me something like the sort of salvage work on the lives of wayward kids that the armed forces have traditionally done. Get them off their arses and doing something within a disciplined framework - far more effective than the well meaning interference with peoples live carried on by legions of PC social workers.
I completely agree. Cruel to be kind comes to mind. What most kids on the slippery slope need is discipline and direction to get them to stand on their own two feet, not some well meaning wishy-washy pap to give them excuses for failing.

I am pleased for the kids in the article and wish them well. Congrats to the people who are the driving force behind the idea too.
The 7 deadly sins. Amongst them, laziness and greed. Why deadly? Because they lead to other things. Not a person alive has not been a victim of these two, it's human nature, but to be encouraged into iconising them? As I said before, drag the suave cnuts who engineered this into a public place and allow their Frankenchav creations to strip them of everything....then I'm sure they'll really see the humour of what they laugh about in wine bars


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I did a fair bit of fundraising for The Prince's Trust early this year, and they have a lot of similar schemes for getting the misdirected back on the right track. The scheme we were raising money for was a business venture charity, which assisted "underpriviledged young people" in setting up their own businesses when they had a good idea. The basis for it all was that, just because they're young chavs, often with serious drug issues and the like, doesn't mean they can't come up with a good idea. However, the chances of a major bank coughing up the capital is pretty bloody slim. TPT would give it the whole Dragon's Den thing, offer them business advice along with the personal support, and get the company up and running. Apparently they're really successful, and some of the case studies we heard (particularly a couple presented by the chavs themselves) were actually quite moving.
Teach them bizinis? Sorry, that is one of the roots of the problem. For too many years people have been led to believe that having no skills above deviousness and hate are sufficient to survive, those being the core skills of business. Lovely, encourage them to be sly cnuts rather than ignorant cnuts. Can't think of a better solution.
Sad about "Airbourne Initive".

These schemes may cost money, but they cost a dam sight less than if the kids were in nick or, worse, graduated to killing people.

I have said many times. Duke of Edinburgh´s Award Scheme (not the fcuking "Award" as it now known by those that are Kool) should be pushed on ALL schools and all kids.

Hell, make it mandatory and add the award level obtained to the School report-Exam results. Maybe add some extra levels ie Platinum.

Kids should not be allowed to wallow in self pity and regurgitate carp excuses as to why they are failures (school, upbringing or location), nor should they be given false levels of achievment (University for "all", pro sportsmen (esp footballers) and other "celebrities").

Give them a challenge and set them off. They WILL overcome, kids are like that.

That´s why I am going to dump mine off on a Scottish Island somewhere, when they turn 16, with nothing more than a knife and a sheep :D
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