Chav starvation looming?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. It's maggies fault.......if she had not have closed the mines....Greggs would still be in profit!
  2. There is a direct ratio between the number of Greggs and the chaviness of a town.

    - + pop = Chav co-efficient.
  3. What are the neds in my town to do with their right hand if Greggs go bust, as its normally a pie or a steak bake in one and a can of red bull in the other.
  4. It's getting a bit dusty in here!
  5. I think it also makes a difference that there has been a fundamental change in the law during this period as well.
  6. It isn't the amount of Greggs outlets that define the chav coefficient of a town, it's the amount of Irn Bru containers.
  7. Never fear...


    is here!

    "Just when you thought shit couldn't get any shitter!"
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  8. I look forward to reading about a spike in house fires as these untermensch attempt to cook for themselves in the coming months. Generations of men, women, children and plasma screen televisions will perish in an orgy of house-sit infernos.
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  9. There will be a run on Findus crispy pancakes in the coming months then!
  10. And people running around with burn marks around their lips after they have bitten into one of the molten sauce containers and have then been scalded by super heated steam.
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  11. We can only hope.
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  12. Hopefully there'll be a run on garage flowers outside their burnt-out hovels.
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