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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by delberto, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. they,d make good trackpads,thats about all.does anyone 25 speak normal english these days.
  2. Wat a bunch of arrse ticklers, these are the reason the GCSEs are bein made easier
  3. That's the funniest thing I've seen all week, especially the threats about the other chavs; "bounce bricks off his skull" :D (Like they'd have the courage).

    I might register, just 2 talk lik a gangsta an tek pis, innit bruv.

  4. i was just wondering when someone would pick up my deliberate mistake. :wink:
  5. wheresmygluesniffsniff

    Typical. :roll:
    Anybody surprised?
  6. "have i seen such a bunch of retarded chav fuckhead cock sucking bellends as you lot. cant speak properly. you all speak lyk dis init n yeh lke dat 2, m8! all have stds.
    3.all you girls have faces like my asshole after a kebab marathon. are all each others brothers' sisters' fathers mothers all inbred twats!

    you only have to look at dj intros picture to see how your aunty fucked your uncle and the result of that. imbred faggets."

    That was your first post...
  7. im thinking of joining up as well
  8. thats probably why GCHQ want more folk, just to decrypt the nonsense made by our northern brethern
  9. :? Anybody know what this means?
  10. I say old chap, that was wizard "ding dong" now if i am not mistaken young Robert the earl of Northumberlandshire will be hosting the next event.
  11. don,t think many of us here know any "chav speak" mate.can,t count shooting up on heroin or mugging old grannies as any of my occupations.we leave that to the next generation.(god fcuking help us).
  12. The header say's it's...

    The North East's number 1 rave Site

    And this guy...


    has the signature...


    Hmmm since when has Ayrshire been in the NE of England and since when have the UVF been into raves (unless it's to sell drugs to fund terrorism).
  13. Unfortunatly I count as the next generation,
    is it any wonder I can't hold a decent conversation with my peers?

    Is this even English?
  14. Sh1t, I ran and got my can of petrol thinking this was a guide to their nesting sites...