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Chav Self Amputation & Other Chav Mishaps

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It's rather good:

some chav muppet is 'karate kicking' a concrete sectional wall where the sections are horizontal, whilst one of his chav mates films it on his phone.

Kick, kick, kick, concrete section breaks - weight of sections above causes it to disappear and the slabs above drop due to gravity and there being nothing in the way other than chav leg.......

Hmm, maybe I should burn it to dvd....
BrunoNoMedals said:
Commentary, please? DII-Plod won't let me watch it :(
Concrete panel fence, Chav Fuckwit kicking the middle panel till it snaps. When it snaps,his leg go through the hole a the panels above drop on to his leg like a guillotine.

Laughrd so hard I nearly puked.
Having lost a leg myself I really cringe when I see a limb threatening injury ... almost like I can sense the pain that the victim is suffering.

Watching that video just made me fcuking laugh ... tw@t :lol:
What a laugh, this is just great when it guillotines his leg I punched the air in joy. Just a shame the pirck wasn't headbutting it.

Help me help me!! ha ha
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