Chav Self Amputation & Other Chav Mishaps

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Tried searching for reference to this here, but couldn't find anything on it, so here goes

Violent chav poser almost manages to amputate his own leg through stupidity on YouTube. Watch and wonder:

Funniest thing I've seen in an age. Enjoy :twisted:
Seen it before, but never ceases to amuse.

Anyone up for starting a fund to provide such chavs with suitable walls?


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Commentary, please? DII-Plod won't let me watch it :(
It's rather good:

some chav muppet is 'karate kicking' a concrete sectional wall where the sections are horizontal, whilst one of his chav mates films it on his phone.

Kick, kick, kick, concrete section breaks - weight of sections above causes it to disappear and the slabs above drop due to gravity and there being nothing in the way other than chav leg.......

Hmm, maybe I should burn it to dvd....
BrunoNoMedals said:
Commentary, please? DII-Plod won't let me watch it :(
Concrete panel fence, Chav Fuckwit kicking the middle panel till it snaps. When it snaps,his leg go through the hole a the panels above drop on to his leg like a guillotine.

Laughrd so hard I nearly puked.
Brilliant :D

That's what you get for being stoned in the park when you should be in your physics lesson.
Priceless,and the great thing is that the chav mong would have been stuck,hopping in agony waiting for the fire service to turn up....carlsburg dont make fence's but.....
Having lost a leg myself I really cringe when I see a limb threatening injury ... almost like I can sense the pain that the victim is suffering.

Watching that video just made me fcuking laugh ... tw@t :lol:


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Class. Would it be too much to hope his mates tried to pull him out without lifting the sections?
Excellent, nothing like a bit of chav pain to end the day but agree with Majorpain, his head would have been more amusing :D
Sh!t month, sh!t week, sh!t day ........ until 20 seconds ago. Coffee on the monitor time and nearly choked laughing! Ta for that :lol:
quality good ole chav scum, film mate kicking fence in fence falls on mate dont help just put footage on utube
What a laugh, this is just great when it guillotines his leg I punched the air in joy. Just a shame the pirck wasn't headbutting it.

Help me help me!! ha ha
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