Chav Scum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mountain_Git, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Noticed someone mentioning Chavs the other day there. Check this out :

    Again....apologies if it's been posted before. :D
  2. Thanks - didnt know what a chav was until this thread...

    now i know most of Chesterfield - i am sorry to say - are Chavs.

    Oh the shame.

  3. Is this real?

  4. is she from chesterfield?


    PS Love the tan, so life like.
  5. Aye.....Looking like the Tango Genie is all the fashion nowadays. :D
  6. Sad to say - Bradford is the same.
  7. My god... rince... that must be one of the "9 months later" shots from the navy extravanganza at Raleigh!
  8. Miss Subculture has a boyfriend. Bit of a spotty focker, and check out her love bites:

  9. Hehe! your'e not wrong!!
  10. Love it, complete with regulation "shag badge" on tit!

  11. it's clown college gone horribly horribly wrong.
  12. One thing that I think makes a woman look cheap is big, fcuk off sovereign rings on the fingers. And big, fcuk off ear rings. So big and heavy the ear lobe starts to stretch and droop.
  13. I'm sure this guy in our Sgts mess last week[​IMG]
  14. laddered tights usually do it for me too! NOT