Chav Scum joining the army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by UberSoldat, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. I was searching for Army interview tips where I came across a rather disgusting and annoying post created by an illiterate northerner.

    visit this hyperlink and read post by ross123 (2nd post down) - I'm surprised he can even count up to 3.

    is this the current state of new recruits? Please tell me I am wrong :(

    Try and read the first page, I'm trying to crack the encryption system they are using, damn, it's tough :(
  2. Thank fcuk we've got a navy (whilst we still have one)
  3. That is just horrible,i was always under the impression that a basic grasp of english was a requirement to serve.All i can hope is that "dross123" is on basics and weeded out,or that the military instills some human DNA into him..via 3 para mortars.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  5. I mean come on !! are we really that blinkered ? What with the left wing PC liberal bleeding heart tree huggers now running this once proud country do we really expect anything different ? "its an art form" they'll say... "its the contemporary vision of youth communications" they'll say.. load of old balls I say.. what happened to teachers having some authority and having the ability to give a kid a bit of tap on the knuckles with a wooden ruler ? I hate them.. I deliberatly go out of my way to be nasty to chavs and to make them feel uneasy when I walk through a pack of them..they really are the lower end of the gene pool..if even in it at all...
  6. Well, I personally think you're all talking shite, and arrogant shite at that.

    Wellington's army in Spain - the greatest army that Britain ever put into the field - was famously made up of the 19th century's version of 'chavs' and ill-educated but tough kids have always made up a large proportion of the army's recruits. It's what the army turns these boys into that matters, not what they are now. And merely by expressing a desire to serve these 'chavs' prove themselves better than thousands who are more eloquent and more priveleged.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    [quote="UberSoldat] I was searching for Army interview tips where I came across a rather disgusting and annoying post created by an illiterate northerner.


    Hello sailor. Come here often do you? Fancy a fag outside?

    1) He's a kid. They think its cool to talk in txtese, u no m8? They're fucking kids. Its allowed.

    2) He's interested in serving. Might make it. Might not. But he's interested.

    3) You surf Raver sites devoted to Ravers much do you? Nice.

    4) Illiterate Northerners is it? Do you believe Nitzche lost the plot when he tried to prove that the enigma of Greek tragedy was the celebration of the God Dionysus? Or when he started snorting Ching with Dekka the Monkey in the bogs at the Bulls in Gallowgate before the match?

  8. Just out of interest, Uber, why do you find a post from someone wanting to join up 'disgusting'?
  9. The army's full of chavs Fact of life these days. Wellington had men who joined the Army to avoid the noose, Montgomery had men who'd joined to avoid jail or who had been compelled to join by the conscription laws and now Dannat has lads who joined up to escape their shitty council estate upbringing and the drugs and crime that their mates have all been dragged into.

    And it those chavs that are doing the whole Army proud in Helmand and Basra.

    Throw in something about shagging mongs since it's the NAAFI.
  10. i had my selection weakend at lichfield back in may. there was one lad there who was realy commited and tried realy hard and passed everything but he was turned down because he was fairly heavily dyslexic. I guess they can't be alowed to serve if they are not going to be able to retain key information. so i feal sory for people who are entering the army but are not as interlectual as everyone else. but if they are a chav then its their own fucking falt. should of actualy gone to school and learned to speak properly

  11. You have got to be taking the piss with that post?

    Were you trying really hard not to spell anything properly?
  12. Wouldn't appear so if you see the rest of his posts. Unless all of his posts are a p*ss take. However on reading the posts it would appear he has been accepted, yet apparently someone who is dyslexic didn't make it?!
  13. so what if i cant spell, go eat s.hit, i got mainly all A's for GCSE's, what u get dumb ass
  14. Not quite as dyslexic as you though?

    Was he in fact you?