Chav RAF Wives

There´s a discussion going on in the "Officers Mess" at the moment ref dogs in the Mess

No no no, the four legged kind. Well, at first anyway. After the fifth post it seems to deterioate towards the two legged kind and RAF wives. Couple of nice quotes here:

"So poke off kill joy w@nkers. I am surprised it wasn't an RAF mess where this nonsense stemmed from. Some pikey RAF wife in her fake D&G sunglasses gobbing offf about her right not to be near dogs and she was raped by one as a child and other such tosh."

"RAF wives were banned from my Mess. They were noisy, badly trained and made a mess of the carpets."

Also a quick come back: “FFS seen it all now. The Army slagging off wives dress sense, talk about pot and kettle. Ron Hills and high heels anyone “

Thought the first quote was hilarious. Targets fall when hit. In your own time, go on :twisted:
Differnce between an elephant and an Army wife? Elephants don't wear Ron Hills and white high heels. Ho Ho Ho!!
I used to love going to the mess functions. All the wives in their lovely ball gowns, with cr@p tats hanging out everywhere. Some were even spelt correctly!

We used to run a book on how many "Taz devils" could be seen on the blahts shoulders/backs :)
Working around camps, there are plenty of wives who count as chav's, and plenty who dont, but by far the biggest set of chavvy wives (in every sense) were the RAF ones. I dont think I saw more than 2 who didnt wear the stupid huge gold earrings, sovereign rings, cheap 'bling' on their wrists and god awful tracksuits - not trying to say that army or navy wives dont have the same issues but in general the worst for it were the raf ones.

It even extends to ex wives, I know afew from each service, one navy wife is a student, another a professional, the army ex's run the gamut from chavvy to what ever the opposite is, but all the raf ex's are pure unadulterated chavs. Unless this is because the RAF men had the sense to get shot of the chavvy bints?
Either that or flat chested wives wearing dresses that would have been better suited to Pamela Anderson´s cleavage. Saw plenty of them trying to get into a dress 2 sizes too small but somehow it was always the waistline that was the problem, NEVER the cleavage :roll:
Hmmm perhaps imitation D&G v imitation Ray Bans ? I´m sure that Pilot chavs weren´t allowed to wear Ron Hills. Perhaps golf clothing ? I´ve seen some god awful kit when it used to be RAF Brüggen...........
Theres a cracking thread on RAF wives over on Pprune. It was started by MDN some years ago about the melted welly heads on some pilots wives on a news report. Fookin hell did they get bent out of shape over that. No sense of humour at all.

If you drop in MDN can you post a link? Sorry I can't remember the title.
All the RAF wives I've ever had the misfortune to meet were all strangely orange.

With the manners of a Tilbury fishwife. 'Nuff said. I suppose that the facile, aesthetic and homo-erotic RAF types (esp aircrew) go for the superficial, so you end up with squadrons of wives as indistiguishable as the contents of a box of fish fingers.
Found this quote on there: "Irrespective of the political incorrectness of the thread". WTF; did none of them ever come onto ARRSE in those days ? What a cracking thread :D
Thats the one Moody, your talents are boundless. :D

Just re-reading it, funny as fcuk.

CC the crabs, with one or two notable exceptions, don't come over here they think we're common. Which is a bit rich from the crimpolene trouser brigade, and as you can see they don't do humour very well.
Not wrong Ord_Sgt. Some of them seemed to get a right monk on which makes it even funnier. I take it MDN went under a different name in those days then ? Him and Flash should get together and write a script for ........ hmmmmm something fücking quadruple x rated at any rate. Would probably win a prize for the most un-PC and abusive script ever. But it would be funny as fück :twisted:

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