Chav on camera

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rincewind, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Good grief! Hands up the boy who dumped in THIS end of the gene pool??
  2. Very sad!
  3. Ah good ol devo, me and my best mate went to hull for the weekend to see his folks and we found the tag that he did on the wall for one of the earlier vids on this site. And from some of the doormen in the area we hear that he is beaten to a pulp on a regular basis :D
  4. Its a wind-up. Very convincing though.
  5. from what i know devo is very real, but he is being set up and in a why it is defo a wind up for our entertainment
  6. Isnt that a young RMP lad??? :)
  7. What scares me most is... these chav's are a by product of the "nanny state" and lack of parenting skills displayed by my generation in general....

    what about when these chav's kids get to 15/16????

    and this is the age bracket the mil looks too to swell its ranks when leaving school.....

    is it me or is it going to get much worse before it gets better?

  8. God help us!

    I Ithink he is the only one who probably can!
  9. This is why eugenics is a good idea! Bring in breeding licenses I say! Either that or compulsory sterilisation for anyone who wears burberry and/or hoop earings!
  10. Who'd put an earing through their hoop? Some odd people in this world.
  11. Rincewind, I have seen evidence that chavs make execellent 'steely-eyed killers' for HM forces........ I give you (pauses for drum roll!!) para, sniper, Iraq vet. (multiple back to back tours, Martial arts expert and general hard basta**) Ex Pte Mike 'Golden-Shower' Golden!!!! Parachute Regt (Aparently, NOT!!!!)
  12. May be grumpy but I guess we may need to extend phase 1 to improve the milding process.

    Otherwise the Adjt's in tray is going to be overflowing (more than usual)!
  13. Tankie, that was a far from being serious post......check out the 'faceparty' walts thread.
  14. Grumpy,

    I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry.

    I'm with recce - if have not pissed myself laughing so much in a while. However it is still a little disturbing!

    Can't wait to get back to RD to see what little darlings we have recruited recently.