Chav music

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Not sure wether to put this in the Naffi Bar or The artsy forum, anyway I'll let the mods decide.

    What music grips your sh1te, current and past???

    My starter for ten, is that Current No1 in the charts, by fooking Basshunter, that just somes up our modern society today - I can see some wankah in his saxo with blasting out that rot, I wouldnt play that to the enemy on R to I.

    Spice Girls also diabolical but whom am I to argue with 14 million people, apparently...... 8O

    That bonkers album was total b0llocks also.

    Dont worry I am not a pipe smoking craveat wearing Val doonican or Daniel O donell fan, but come on, there has been some serious cancerous music out in the past.

    Or am I getting old????

    Thoughts and discuss....
  2. So called R 'N' B

    Fecking sh1te, especially played by annoying chave birds on the bus via their tinny mobile phone speakers.

    that and the 'Hip Hop' also sh1te.
  3. Anything that the wannabe SPAMs line dance to
  4. I hate this 'music' that is just a load of repeated 3 chord hits on a keyboard with lots of repetative drumming and a screaming voice shouting out a word or short phrase over and over and over ad nauseum...

    I wish music sounded.... well.... musical! (Nor am I a val Doonican officionado, but at least you knew what his sonfs were about!)
  5. any pop band from the mid-late 90's.... i'm thinking steps, s club 7 and then the little gimmicky shit group of kids they made. that type of music is like being fucked in the ear by a cactus! - and i've heard that that is painfull!
  6. Status Quo. I fcuking hate Status Quo.
  7. Is it a sign of me getting old, or are all the 'indie' bands today (Arctic monkeys et al) just crap?

    All the technical guitar skills of a 3 chord punk band, the lyrical skills of a dyslexic mute, and song writing talent that can only compared to a hyper three year old toddler, who has just found the joys of banging 2 pans together.

    I'm going to find my comfy slippers and put on some Stone Roses.
  8. Techno.

    It's like a thousand manual labourers hurling assorted cutlery down a liftshaft.

    My brother's an amateur techno DJ as well - I used to disappear down the pub when he started 'practising'.
  9. modern indie, were all you need to do is start wailing about a girl in a crap accent to get a hit

    hardcore, which just isnt music

    death metal, see above

    pop hip hop (not real hip hop,thats great)

    "RnB" or watered down pop hip hop with less rapping in

    maximes and wigan peir
  10. 8O WTF its sh1te
  11. That high pitched Heartbroken by T2 and Jodie, that was doing the rounds a few weeks back. Absolute crock of sh*t.

    I'm no old fogey, and fully appreciate the steps taken by different kinds of music over the past few decades. This is just taking the p*ss though.

    Edited to add, if we're doing rubbish links;
  12. And why is R'n'B called R'n'B?

    Doesn't it stand for Rhythm and Blues?

    What the hell is Blues about some skinny bird shouting about her umbrella?
  13. Anything that involves a reality based programme... they should be culled following the taping of the sh!te auditions, which only satisfy my need to laugh at other people making complete tw@ts of themself.

    Oh and while I'm at it, the dregs of society that walk around with R&B/D&B playing out of their phone.
  14. No - it's not just you - they ARE crap!