chav moped domino toppling

last week working with a mate at heathrow termimal 2 i had the fortune to stumble into an opportunity just too good to pass up... and i think it could become a new national sport.

now , there's a big old roundabout outside heathrow , with about 11 sets of lights and a garage in the middle , i got to know it intimately because the lad i travelled up with is .. how can i put this "geographically challenged" so by the 5th time going round it i was looking around for some entertainment ... you know the drills , short skirts in passing cars etc etc ...
then as i was trying to scope the bird in the next cars knickers i became aware of a noise , it sounded like some angry bees in a dustbin and realised right on her rear bumper were 3 chavs , on their f*cking ridiculous hairdryer mopeds , sitting on her rear bumper at the lights generally acting the c*nt and annoying everyone , well this went on for three sets of lights lots of horn bibbing and "revving" if you can call it that of engines , producing the biggest cloud of 2 stroke smoke since the arkansas chain saw festival of 1987.
at the third set of lights everything slipped into place for one of the most satisfying things i have ever done... by this time the car had moved forward a bit so the "three amigos" were right by our van still acting up and laughing to each other when suddenly i knew what had to be done.
i gently eased my van door open and without leaving the vehicle kicked the nearest one to me as hard as i could in the shoulder this had the desired effect of sending him off balance into his 2 stupid mates , who being hard had put their stands up and had their feet on the handlebars so over they all went in a f*cking heap :D .... and with perfect timing the lights went green and i had the lovely view of them all trying to pick themselves up whilst being sworn at by a lorry full of builders behind them
my view after that was distorted by tears of laughter and pride .
has this got the potential to become a new blood sport , could we see packs of cars hunting these little retards down like the vermin they are ??

your thoughts please.
I love it!
Patent it, make some cards and sell it as "Good clean fun for the whole family".
Double points for chavs with helmets balanced on the top/back of their heads.
Triple if any of them ends up in A and E.
It definitely has potential.
As long as you only limit it to chavs on their scooters, and not real bikes, then I'm in
You sir are a legend in your own lunch time, if by chance you happen to do this again please inform us of the results
another good one is to turn the washer jet nozzles on your car over to the left with a pin ... then casually hose down any punks on the sidewalk ...

shortfuse .... keeping the city streets clean.


Kit Reviewer
A beaut of an idea, well performed on a bunch who thoroughly deserved it.
Shortfuse, I salute you.

Although I must admit to a certain amount of jealousy as this gem hadn't occurred to me...

Next time take some video footage!!

There are a few I can think of who'd pay to see that :D :D
idlestab said:

However you might not have the last laugh given all the cctv & stuff round there . . . .
we passed 2 coppers in a panda car who were cracking up and gave us a big cheesy thumbs up ... probably wished they had thought of it. :D
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