Chav Mong falls through roof

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dogdrool, May 26, 2008.

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  1. This Ladies and Germs this has been gripping my shit for a few weeks now and I Would like to share it with you. Patient confidentiality be fcuked
    Emporer Mong can fcuk off because I really don't care if it destroys my career. And I know how savage you lot out can be, Bless you all

    This twonk was nicking lead off a factory roof in the area I live, said roof gave way and dick splat falls (approximately 60ft) to ground.

    Dick splat is found on floor unconcious by security guards doing their rounds, massive head trauma and gallons of blood involved, police called to investigate. Dick splat rushed to hospital where he is pronounced brain dead.
    (The prick was brain dead before he went on the roof.)

    Said asswipe is now being looked after in a high dependency unit 24/7
    Tracheostomy in place with breathing assistance. Not yet full blown ventilation by machine (pity, cos it could be switched off)

    Been in a coma since admittance and condition explained to girl friend and family.
    Basically the mong is a vegetable with no chance of improvement.
    But then again could end up being far more intelligent if he does recover.

    Family visits daily and talks to mong. Mongs Aunt see's consultant and asks about mongs condition, consultant explains condition to Aunt.

    When information has been inwardly digested by Aunt the question asked by this mongette was
    1" Will he be Downs syndrome when he wakes up ( the feckker is brain dead and Downs is a genetic condition)
    2 Closer magazine (that well known and respected medical journal that all well respected Neurosurgeons and anyone one in the medical profession world wide subscribes to) says he can have a brain transplant

    A claim for compensayshun is in for the factory (unsafe roof)
    the police, ( took their time to arrive and save Twonk)
    The hospital ( can't afford a brain transplant)

    When ( not if ) these bastrdts get the ill gotten payment they will surely get cos one of thier thieving mong clan made a cnut of himself and fell through a roof, I will give up the noble profession of nursing , and hunt these fukers into oblivion.

    Ladies and Germs fill yer boots.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Grab your gat and head for the shitty estates.

  3. Weapons tight till the claim goes in I would suggest.

    Understand your sentiment though.
  4. By fcuk that was quick
  5. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Do everyone a favor and be the Angel of Mercy and pump him full of air bubbles.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    In air defence, a weapon control order imposing a status whereby weapons systems may be fired only at targets recognised as hostile.

    ES, crack out your street-sweeper!

  7. Shame a sharp piece of machinery didn't break his fall.
  8. Love too but the conseqences the consequences, Ahh fuk the consequences
  9. Will his family be charged for repair to the roof?
    Also, a 60ft fall must have left a fair dent in the floor. Who is going to pay for the repair there?
    Come on folks.....if you cause damage, you,or yours, have to pay for it!!!!!
    Sorry about that, I was being pragmatic, but, in this country, that means nothing any more, does it?
  10. They'll not win any claim.
  11. You could be like Harold Shipman, but actually useful.
  12. Mind you I think that the only reason the reli's visit is to find out where the cnut hid the lead so they can weigh it in when found
  13. useful maybe Shipman definately not. Nice idea though
  14. Now that you mention it He has a fractured L5 Oh dear how sad what a shame
  15. You'll have to switch him off at some point. If they think that they've got a compo'll be sooner rather than later. Sadly for them....