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Chav hunting.

Maybe they can conduct this pastime on the "chav" like lebs in that southern state in this country. And yes, I do mean Liverpool(Oz version).
I thought it was bloody funny. Not much different from python type stuff TBH. People who are offended should just GTF out and find something more important to worry about.
I prefer this page from The Cad detailing the 'interesting' life of the great-great grandson Flashman's greatest enemy, Otto von Bismarck...

He continued to host outrageous parties, one of which resulted in a gentleman falling to his death off a balcony. When the police came to investigate, they found the usual paraphernalia of intravenous heroin use, as well as buckets of sex toys and a large cannister of butane gas.

Mr. von Bismarck never married and left no heirs. He will be forever remembered by his compatriots as "a rotten son who brought shame on the name of Bismarck"

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