Chav Hunter

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by intergeri, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. I'm stuck in maccy d's. I see two chavs.
  2. Shoot them, quickly before they escape and breed!!!
  3. not getting it????
  4. Yeah. Stuck on the Macdonalds level.
  5. HELP!!!! I can't get maccy's either the kids were further on than this when i joined in,I've shot everything except miles, i don't know what else to do!!!
  6. I'm stuck on it aswell :D
  7. Me too. Shot hell out of the place and nailed the chavs, still "ran out of time" each time ... :(
  8. I think i managed it by sheer accident, shot chavs, lights, table, glass, kitchen door, till......did u try all them?
  9. I've got it - with the guy on the far right, you need 1 shot in his head, 1 shot in his stomach and 1 shot ON THE SEAT just below where he is sitting
  10. you need to shoot the full shop up... blow the windows away etc.. shoot the maccyds signs and stuff. Also the password for the last level is 'hostage'
  11. okay need more help, christ some of you guys do this for a living!!! i can't kill the boss without shooting the hostage, it's driving me nuts!!
  12. Completed the game :D
  13. i managed it first time haha, just shoot near the top of his head.
  14. Woohoooo!!!! :headbang:

    Only took about 15 hostages, think i'm qualified to join US army now :lol: