chav feeds zoo rabbit to alligator

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dan_man, Apr 5, 2006.

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    A 20-year-old man who took a zoo's rabbit and threw it to an alligator has been given a six-month suspended prison sentence.

    I have to say thats fcuking hilarious, aparantly the rabbit scratched his jacket so he got angry.
  2. cant really say I find it especially funny.

    it would be far more laugh worthy if the chav had managed to get chewed by the alligator himself, and the rabbit escaped. even better if said chav, and his chav mates, had all been eaten by the alligator thus removing them from the gene pool.
  3. what a mong!! people like this need to be castrated to keep them out of the gene pool!!

    this is the perfect reason for bringing back national service!!
  4. No its not. Who wants our small, professional volunteer army polluted with scum like that FFS?
  5. I agree but you keep the conscripts and the volenteers seperate same as the dutch!
  6. hahahah nice one both of us wanted him removed from the "GENE POOL" at the same time hahahaha
  7. He should have been thrown in after the Rabbit.

    And the only conscription I'd like to see him carry out is as a mobile target in a firepower demo!
  8. Well not only did he act like a tosser, but there is also no doubt that he looks like a tosser too.
  9. this ill sort im !

  10. Should have marched him back to the zoo and made him clean the lions enclosure out, then let the gorilla beat him up...then chucked him into the alligator pool.
    Failing that they could have chucked him in a locked room with Pentwyn.
  11. Thats just being fcuking cruel :lol: with pentwyn nahhhhh !!!!

  12. A video of it would be worth payin a couple of quid for though lonetree :lol:
  13. I dont reckon you,ll get it past the film censors. The sheer cruelty bestowed upon that poor bunny hating chav would be just too much. :lol: I doubt there would be a big enough wide angle lens to film it either.

  14. Am I missing something in life,, what is the Pentwyn lark.
  15. Never thought of that L-T..oh well, looks like back to cleaning the lion enclosure before being duffed by the gorilla and slung to the alligator :lol: