Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. The "insert rude and derogatory comment including a doubt about his parentage" Chief constable of North Wales has done it again!

    Gone is the tunic, helmet, pressed trouser, clean shaven policeman of our youth. Replaced by.....well a mess frankly!

    Pseudo military uniform...high leg boots, combat trousers, polo shirt, assault/stab vest....and now BASEBALL CAPS!!!

    Yes I know that a bobby on the beat needs to be able to be able to respond to the tasks asked of him/her but there is a line over which the "authority" of the uniform is diminished beyond repair...and we have gone over it. Armed response units and undercover units have used baseball caps for years but they do not look right on a copper on the beat.

    Compare the Chief constable in the photo and decide!

    (from his blog....FFS :roll: )
  2. Is the peak worn to the front or to the rear when wearing the base ball cap, and is wore at an ally angle?
  3. I thought that photo was a very easy spot the difference!
  4. Ally dont think the cops get ally too be honest baseball cap or not.
  5. The "cuntstubble" I was talking to today had it so far down his head it was on his eyebrows! compleat with curved duckbill peak!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yep, they are trying to look ally.
  6. Not really an issue is it, it's a hat.
  7. Yes I know its a hat, but can you not see the standards plumetting?

    Other day, small bump at a T junction...plod standing there directing traffic.

    NOT shaved, REALLY overweight, creased shirt half tucked in, messy hair........thought it was a security guard untill I saw "police" on his hi-viz.

    Chavs have NO respect for it any surprize?
  8. I live in Bangor, where the photo was taken. The town is full of cap and tracksuit wearing chavs anyway, so he will fit right in.

    In fact, if anybody wants me to pass on appropriate messages to the local plod about their new piece of head attire*, then just leave them here...

    *who, in all seriousness, do a fantastic job.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    "takes a t'ief to catch a t'ief"
  10. I dont think that the gog police wear those caps all the time they wear flat caps, true their uniform changed to combats and black polo necks some time ago, i just think that it's more practical.

    My farce are still in the realms of white shirts and captain clip on ties. Albeit it looks smarter its not very practicle whilst wearing body armour as the poorly fitting sh!te we're issued pushes the collar and tie into your neck when you sit down, and the polycotton shirts have the wicking properties of grease paper.

    It should be North Wales style uniforms for day to day work and white shirts and ties for court/front office duties.

    p.s he looks a total tw4t in that baseball cap.
  11. datumhead, one minute you complain that police are trying to look 'pseudomilitary' and the next you complain they are not pseudomilitary enough.

    These new uniforms are more functional and practical.

    Perhaps you would like to patrol in the kit in your avatar, looks much smarter you know.
  12. I think what datumhead wants, quite rightly in my opinion, is old fashioned Coppers who look, well old fashioned, but behaving like Vic Mackey from the Sheild when confronted with 'evil doers' - while no cameras are around of course.
  13. If the police throughout the UK hadn't comprehensively failed in their primary function for the past thirty years they wouldn't need to wear body armour on a routine basis.
  14. I have no idea what coppers in my area wear, I've never seen one.
  15. With so few police officers out on the beat, what difference will we notice