Chav cnuts and the police

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Geepz, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Long time lurker, (very) occasional poster.
    I have just had my third interview, and am awaiting a date for ADSC, shoukd find out early next week. So I'm not in the army, but aspire to be, not a walt in any way.

    Went out for a few 'drinks' tonight, soft ones as I've decided to knock alcohol on the head and step up my training for my ADSC.

    Out with a mate of mine who is 2 lancs, and his brother who has a date for tank crew on 17th october. My mate is a bit of a mouthy cnut, his brother is quite chilled out, non confrontational and all out a nice lad.

    Some horrible little scrote, came over to the table we were sat at, demanding someone 'give me a fuckin cig, NOW!' Mates brother responded saying no-one smoked, out of no where, this waste of oxygen started ballooning. Next minute he picks up a full pint glass and threw it at the back of mates head. Result is a 5" gash in the back of friends head, Police took 15 minutes to arrive, the ambulance was a further 20. He lost a fair bit of blood in this time and understandably was quite distressed.

    The female officer who was first on scene, starts trying to acertain what happened. Mate asked, what I considered to be a reasonable question about how long the ambulance would be.

    As a direct response to that question she started ranting and raving about how she 'has been in this job 17 years', and how 'she wasn't going to be told how to do her job by some jumped up little shit.'

    She went on for a good few minutes, in my opinion trying to antagonise him. It got me thinking how she could have handled the situation a million times better.

    If that's how the police deal with pissed up idiots, bearing in mind my mate was reasonably sober when this happened, it's no wonder they get so much shit on a weekend.

    Anyone had any similar incidents with the police being condesending, patronising pricks?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Clearly to have garnered that sort of response, your oppo didn't ask the question in the manner you've described.

    Come on tell the truth, you were all a bit pissed, your mate gobbed off at the plodder and you're feeling belittled because a woman put you in your place.
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  3. Do you have one of those plastic boxes for your Tampons, or do you leave them floating about loosely the bottom of your handbag?
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  4. Getting pissed sniffing the barmaids apron. You're a cunt.
  5. Honestly, if I didn't witness it first hand I would have thought the same. Like I said, with ADSC lurking I've knocked beer on the head for a bit.

    This WPC had issues, either the fact shes been in 17 years without promotion. Or she walked in on her sister shagging her husband, or she's been touched by a family member in a position of trust. She had a serious lack of people skills.

    The two coppers who arrived after her were both professional, the male was sound to boot, having a laugh and craic with us, the original was a cnut.
  6. I agree with the cunt part, hence the stopping drinking. If I was to sniff any part of the barmaid it wouldnt be her apron...
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Put it down to what you've described .... There's a few Plod on here , post it in their section ;0)
  8. Being abused by uncle George? Is that a requirement? Makes you more sensitive and sympathetic with volatile situations I suppose
  9. Bullshit baffles brains.
  10. It's spelled "CUNT" You cunt.
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  11. Congratulations OP - you have now met a cunt in a position of authority. Have fun in the Army.
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  12. All the time mate. They're fucking wankers. Every time I have dealings with plod they're rude, belligerent, and don't listen to a fucking word I say no matter how helpful I try to be.

    I called them once when I saw some chavs screwing my neighbours car. They said it would take half an hour before someone would come out so I called them back and said "Don't worry about rushing out, I've shot him". They were there in 5 minutes with dogs, a helicopter, and a firearms team armed with assault rifles.


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  13. So why didn't you belt the shit out of the bloke who glassed your mate?
  14. A good point. You should have, at least, windmilled through the bar and hit some people weaker than you.

    You should also have offered to slip the women copper a length. That would have sorted her out. Unless she was a lezzer of course.
  15. Because, as Ravers pointed out, he is a simpering, flaccid inadequate who is seething with cheap resentment and viciously repressed homosexuality at having been put in his place by a woman. The vile little eunuch. The OP, not Ravers. Ravers makes guns, there's nothing funny in the woodshed about him.