Chav cav??? why?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by lewysthetankman, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Hello all I was just wondering why does the RTR have the nickname chav cav? cheers
  2. It was The People's Cavalry in my day. Simply because they were not Cavalry. That's all. And now it rhymes - nice.

    Although someone more knowledgeable that me will probably have correct answer...
  3. Generally speaking, because there is a (not entirely unjustified) impression at Sandhurst that you can only join a cavalry regiment if you are from the 'right sort' of background. The only exception to this is the RTR who seem to take people based on merit alone.

    For more information on this, just search for it in the forums. There are plenty of threads about what pre-requisites you do/don't need to have to Commission into the various parts of the RAC.

    Obviously this is only relevant for to those wishing to be Officers, as far as I'm aware this doesn't affect Troopers.
  4. Because it's easier than saying 'Best dam Regiment to have ever graced the RAC' of course - however Men in Black also has a nice ring to it. Oh and before all the dashing cavalry types start with their 300 years of history and tradition, we can prove ours as it's all on video - Happy New to all RAC brethren
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  5. being from the best cav rgt, we always referred to them as the Council House Cav, but being honest, they weren't all bad.
  6. Well said BTW I posted some pics of our old home on the Self taken Photo Thread if you´d like to have a gander
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  7. All on video?

    Couldn't afford a decent artist then?

    Lady Elizabeth Butler

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  8. Just the usual ,Cavalry vs RTR banter, it is probably the most polite description of the RTR to come from cavalry sources in some time.
  9. Lady Butler must have been fast on her feet - they'd have trampled her and her easel to pulp otherwise.
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  10. Just look at the bloke leading the race either he´s wondering if anyone´s followed him or he´s about to ask for directions :grin:
  11. That'll be Flashman...
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  12. Nope. Wrong coloured keks.
  13. why not brown from muckingout?
  14. Done both RTR and Cav as REME attached and can honestly say that there was little between them in tankying...only in attitude. I found the cav (qrl) a breath of fresh air after the haggis hussars(4)...although to be fair it was full of dour scots pissed off at being disbanded.
  15. I still think my explanation was the best...