Chav car drivers - irish style

On my island you can hire tractor parties, you hire the tractor trailer and the owner will drive around all the country side pubs while you and your mates get pissed.


War Hero
I can feel a TV series coming: Pimp my Massey Fergusson!
midnight said:
Bedpan2zero said:
Teen driving menace

only here, only in ireland !
Not so,a farmer in Oberammergau drove his Tractor to Fssen(about 30 miles) to impress his girl friend,she laughed at him so he chased her up the street with it!

No-one makes history,its all been done before![/quote

I was talking to a caravan site warden at Warwick on Thursday he had a boxhead tip up trying to get 3 nights on his site...he was in a tractor towing a caravan had driven all the way from Hun land like that..he got fcuked off....not exactly blizkreig
I used to reallly really love tractors until I had a really really bad experience with one.

Now I just suck - that's right - I am an ex tractor fan!

(This is not funny and I already know I'm a cunt)


Portglenone. F*ck, there's a place. I'm amazed that they've actually discovered the tractor there. Are you sure these aren't Ballymena kids?

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