Chav birds explained

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sympathetic_Reaction, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Well sort of...basically a scientist has shown that lower-class scum in the bird world pick lower-class scum bird partners.

    may explain the chav epidemic.


    p.s. someone with better wordcrafting skills should be able to replace 'finch' with 'chav' and make it look convincing with no real effort.
  2. Proves nothing.

    I don't ever recall seeing any zebra finches drawn into Tescos for the two for one cider offer.
  3. Nor does it explain the predilection for scrunchy based face-lifts...
  4. This shouldn't be anything new for anyone who has seen the typical pair of chavs as depicted by Harry Enfield in his Ron and Ronetta sketch. You don't have to be a biologist to see that ugly people breed ugly kids. You dont see Hugh Grant lookalikes with Jo Brand type girls, or vice versa. There have been loads of threads on here when there is a news article about some junior chav snuffing it in a car crash, one last week I think, cant remember the details, and then his mum or dad appear in the news or on TV and the comment is, 'well look at them..are you surprised their offspring is a little chav s**head'
  5. I reckon it's all to do with diet. For years now dastardly b@stards like KwikSave, Lidl and Tesco have been lacing products known to magnetise and spellbind the sh1thead classes, like white cider, fish fingers and snacks with some kind of genetico-hormonal fairy dust guaranteed to create monsters of brainlessness. Let's be honest, this was never a country famed for large reserves of Einsteins, but by Christos it's eaten the bottom of the barrel out and gone through the floorboards and the concrete underlay in the last 15 ain't natural, I tell you!!!
  6. Though going on this maybe there are some similarities between zebra finches and chavs.

    White belly? It's true, you don't get much of a suntan queuing in the offy.
  7. [​IMG]

    You just knew someone on here was going to jump on the Hugh Grant ref didn't you :wink:
  8. mean Wayne and Waynetta!!

    He'd get it........ :D
  9. Was the film "An Englishman went up Sunset Boulevard and came down a Throat" ever made?
  10. And it took a scientist to prove that. I always go for fat girls in pubs / clubs, even better when their mate is slim, they feel so worthless. There's no better shag than a fat worthless bitch who feels the need to prove something. Fat girls are there to be fcuked - its what they do. I once had a BJ off a swampdonkey chewing a burger at the same time. My nuts engulfed in a mouthful of masticated polyunsaturate. Yoghurt everywhere......
  11. Priceless!
  12. Thank you. I've read your profile and I really appreciate the support from a dribbling couscous muching window licking breastmulkfulcher childmingling badgerlicking polar-bear botherer. Your input is important to me and will be used to masterbate over. Often.
  13. I thought it was a compliment me self
  14. hmmm.... it was a compliment, funnily enough. It made me laugh.

    The laughing inevitably stopped when I tried to read the consequent insult and couldn't understand half the words printed within it - hence it sort of loses effect. And I actually consider myself a half-educated sort.

    But I'm afraid to say that one lost me :?
  15. Sorry jester!! On a day off today and, quite frankly, gazeeboed! Thanks for the comp and I'm sure you don't bother polar bears. MY working day consists of being abused so tend to let rip on day off. I'll give you a free write-up for any drugs you wish, I can't say fairer then that