Chav Alert - Darren has his own web site


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<shakes head in utter disbelief>

Spotted this link on another site and thought that the formistas at arrse would very much like to peruse this thick, ugly and fcuking annoying Yorkshire cunts website.

Look at his pic and click on the links for a video explanation e.g.

Bracelet - "Well, fcuking round me birds house, yeh, her mum, like, has loads of fcuking rings and that, so nicked em all, yeh, and got em made into this, thick, chunky bracelet" Priceless

I'm off to punch some walls

ps - Apologese if posted before
Devvo is fantastic. It is a send up. The guy who plays Devvo is the sites owner. I'd like to see these turned into some 5 minuits shorts to be shown on late night TV. He's great.
Fat pie is one of the funniest original websites around!

Speedy I totally agree with you that someone should back Devvo as a short late night series - it would be hilarious!
His tags a re a thing of beauty, and so easily identifiable...

It brings out the nasty copper in me and I feel the urge to take drive around his tags and see if he's available for a bit of a chat about criminal damage...

Shouldn't need an interview, after all the simple tw*t has coughed to loads...
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